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Mega Cloud Repository | V1 | 2020
Introduction | Hello guys. Here is list of very useful Mega Cloud repository I found online and want to share with my wonderful readers. You can import these files to your personal Mega account. To get the Mega Pro Lite account with 400GB storage and 12TB transfer, read my post here. ...
Google Cloud Storage | Part 5 | What are Team Drives?
Introduction The question many people want to know the answer to is: what are Google team Drives? Google Team Drives are Shared Drives. Team Drives differ from the regular Google My Drive. In my previous post, I highlighted some differences between both. A Team Drive is a shared storage space that allows for collaboration by teams. It allows teams to store, search, and access shared files on the drive remotely from any location and from any device. files in a Team Drive belong to the team. Even when a member leaves, the files still remain in the shared drive. Google Cloud Storage | Part 5 | What are Team Drives? Google Team (Shared) Drives offer unlimited Cloud storage space, hence its popularity. Let's give a breakdown of the major differences between Google My Drive and Google Team Drives. S/No.FeaturesMy DriveTeam Drive1TypeIndividual Private Google DriveShared Drive for the Team available for G Suite Enterprise, Enterprise for Education, Drive Enterprise, Business, Education, and Nonprofits edition.2Storage SpaceVaries depending on plan (15GB for free, 30GB for Basic G Suite…
How to Get Google Team (Shared) Drive with Unlimited Storage Space | 2020
Introduction | Hello guys, EduTechTainMent is here to show you guys how to get Google Team Drive with unlimited Cloud storage space for your personal use. Read my post here to get a view of what Google Team Drive is. Team Drives are shared drives. Visit this LinkVisit the link above.Choose a name for Your Google Team DriveChoose any name you desire for your Google Team Drive.Provide a valid Gmail address and Select from one of the TD Providers ListedEnter a valid Gmail address into the provided field. Select one of the Team Drive providers from the Drop-down list.Solve the CaptchaClick to solve the I am Human Captcha.Click on GetFinally click on the Get button. Wait until you get an OK notification message.Visit this Link to Access Your Team DriveVisit the link above to access your new Google Team Drive and enjoy unlimited Cloud Storage.Check under hidden shared drives if you can't find your Team Drive listed.If you want to create Team Drives for several of your Gmail accounts, ensure you reload the page each…
Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 4 – Management of Google Drives and Team Drives
Introduction | Welcome to the 4th part of the series: Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 4 - Management of Google Drives and Team Drives. I shall be discussing applications to help you derive maximum benefits and efficiently use your Google Drives and Team Drives. Software for Management of Google Drives and Team Drives Mobile Applications 1. MixPlorer I personally consider Mixplorer as the best application for the Management of Google Drives and Team Drives on mobile devices. Follow this link to download MixPlorer app. It has the following features: Ability to lock the app and prevent un-authorized access to the contents of your Google Drive. It offers both key pattern, fingerprint, and unique pin authorization features.Support for listing and managing of Google Team Drives.Support for numerous cloud storage services- Google Drive, MEGA, DropBox, Box, MediaFire, Microsoft OneDrive, Yandex, 4Shared, Baidu, HiDrive, Cloud, and many others. In fact you can go as far as creating custom drives to add.Support for various add-ons to extend the features and functionalities such as packing and unpacking of compressed…
Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 3 – What is Google Suite?
Introduction | Welcome to the third part of these series: Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 3 - What is Google Suite? Google suite is a sort of hybrid of the regular free Google Drive. It is mainly for businesses and educational institutions. It offers all features found in regular Google Drive and much much more. Google Suite for Education is designed for students and educators. Many businesses and educational institutions make use of the Google Suite Enterprise, which offers unlimited Google Drive Storage space in addition to other perks. What is Google Suite? Google Suite was first launched by Google as 2006. It comprises of collaboration and productivity apps for business such as Gmail (Business email), Google Drive (for cloud storage), Hangouts, Calendar, Google Sheets, Docs, Forms (for building professional surveys), Slides, Security, Chat (for team messaging), Sites (websites builder), Cloud search (for searching within and outside of G Suite), administrative controls, and much more. Google offers a 14 days free trial for Google Suite and subsequently, it is priced at 6 USD per…
Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 2 – Regular Google Drive
Welcome to part 2 of these series: Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 2 - Regular Google Drive. In this part, we shall talk about the regular Google drive storage. Introduction | Google offers a free tier of its cloud drive storage for free. Each client who signs up for a Gmail account is eligible for 15GB of Google Drive storage space. This is a very good offer. Most competitors don't offer this much. This storage space is shared by your Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail. If you want more than the free 15GB, you will have to upgrade to a Google One account, which comes with extra storage space and additional features. Google One offers 100GB, 200GB, and 2TB storage spaces at 1.99 dollars/month, 2.99 dollars per month, and 9.99 dollars/month, respectively, for each of the storage capacities. Business owners requiring more storage space can opt for Drive Enterprise, offering more features and pay-as-you-use at 8 dollars/user/month plus 1 dollar/25GB. Now let's dive into Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 2 - Regular…