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Google Cloud Storage | Part 5 | What are Team Drives?
Introduction The question many people want to know the answer to is: what are Google team Drives? Google Team Drives are Shared Drives. Team Drives differ from the regular Google My Drive. In my previous post, I highlighted some differences between both. A Team Drive is a shared storage space that allows for collaboration by teams. It allows teams to store, search, and access shared files on the drive remotely from any location and from any device. files in a Team Drive belong to the team. Even when a member leaves, the files still remain in the shared drive. Google Cloud Storage | Part 5 | What are Team Drives? Google Team (Shared) Drives offer unlimited Cloud storage space, hence its popularity. Let's give a breakdown of the major differences between Google My Drive and Google Team Drives. S/No.FeaturesMy DriveTeam Drive1TypeIndividual Private Google DriveShared Drive for the Team available for G Suite Enterprise, Enterprise for Education, Drive Enterprise, Business, Education, and Nonprofits edition.2Storage SpaceVaries depending on plan (15GB for free, 30GB for Basic G Suite…
How to Get Google Team (Shared) Drive with Unlimited Storage Space | 2020
Introduction | Hello guys, EduTechTainMent is here to show you guys how to get Google Team Drive with unlimited Cloud storage space for your personal use. Read my post here to get a view of what Google Team Drive is. Team Drives are shared drives. Visit this LinkVisit the link above.Choose a name for Your Google Team DriveChoose any name you desire for your Google Team Drive.Provide a valid Gmail address and Select from one of the TD Providers ListedEnter a valid Gmail address into the provided field. Select one of the Team Drive providers from the Drop-down list.Solve the CaptchaClick to solve the I am Human Captcha.Click on GetFinally click on the Get button. Wait until you get an OK notification message.Visit this Link to Access Your Team DriveVisit the link above to access your new Google Team Drive and enjoy unlimited Cloud Storage.Check under hidden shared drives if you can't find your Team Drive listed.If you want to create Team Drives for several of your Gmail accounts, ensure you reload the page each…