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Enroll in Coursera Courses for Free and Earn Certificates
Introduction | Hey guys. Today's post is about how to Enroll in Coursera Courses for Free and Earn Certificates. Coursera is offering some premium courses for free due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. The courses are offered by prestigious institutions and range from Python to Data Science, Algorithms, Machine Learning, and Covid-19 courses. ...
[Get] UpToDate Premium Subscription Access
Introduction UpToDate is the world-recognized one-stop-shop for evidence-based clinical decision making resources for more than 1.9 million clinicians in over 190 countries. UpToDate was founded by Dr. Burton (Bud) Rose. It aids clinicians in making the best care decisions and in staying abreast of current trends and management standards in the medical world. UpToDate is the ONLY clinical decision-making resource associated with improved clinical outcomes in patients. It contains about 12 000 review topics each of which answers multiple clinical questions viewed over 50 million times per month and covering over 25 specialties. According to the website: ...
[CyberSecurity] ICSI Certified Network Security Specialist Certification
Introduction The International Cyber Security Institute (ISCI) is a UK registered and accredited, ISO 27001 certified CyberSecurity education firm. Today I will be showing you guys how to get an ICSI Certified Network Security Specialist Certification for FREE. ICSI offers one of the best-accredited CyberSecurity certifications available. The Certified Network Security Specialist Certification originally cost 500 pounds! ...
JetBrains Academy | Learn to Program
Introduction | JetBrains, the popular software company is offering aspiring and professional programmers an opportunity to learn and apply their programming skills in building real-life projects. The company just launched a new project named JetBrains Academy, that offers to provide an avenue for people to Learn to Program by Creating Working Applications. The academy currently boasts of 65, 844 registered users, 737 topics and 60 projects so far!. It offers users an opportunity to learn Python, Java and Kotlin programming languages in its academy. JetBrains Academy | Learn to Program JetBrains Academy | Learn to Program | Python Programming Follow this link to learn Python programming. The full Python track covers 34 hours and will cover the following concepts: Python Introduction to Python Code style Data types and operations Collections Functions Simple programs Modules and packages Control flow statements Math Django Implementation of basic algorithms Object-oriented programming Builtins Working with files Dev tools IDE Essentials Binary number system Web technologies Software design and architecture Command line SQL Regular expressions Encoding standards Algorithms Intro to algorithms Search algorithms Sorting algorithms String algorithms Hashing HTML & CSS HTML JetBrains Academy | Learn to Program | Java Programming Follow this link to learn Java programming. The…
[Give-Away] Lifetime Access to Screenwriting Course 100% Free
Introduction Professor John Warren is offering free lifetime access to his Screenwriting course. The course covers 6 modules and is designed such that even total noobs to screenwriting can grow from having no idea to designing an audience captivating script. Prof. John Warren is a veteran with over 20 years of experience in the movie industry. He has worked both as a professional screenwriter and also as a Professor of screenwriting at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. the course is designed to accommodate any aspiring screenwriter. What you get when you Subscribe More than 25 HD exclusive videos, explaining all you need to know about the fundamentals of screenwriting.Five writing projects, with opportunities for personal one-on-one feedback by Prof.The opportunity to earn an official certificate to prove what you have learned. Lifetime Access to Screenwriting Course How to Lifetime Acces to ScreenWriting Course Visit the website in this link and click to enrol in the course.Complete the enrolment process by signing up.You don't need to provide your credit card details. Enter the coupon code…
Complete Web Development Bundle [100% Give-Away]
Introduction Edufyre is offering its complete web development bundle for FREE! For a limited time, they will provide you with the entire bundle comprising of 15 in-depth courses that will teach you the in-demand and essential web development languages. The courses have a combined value of about a thousand dollars! You will have unlimited access to these courses once you grab this offer that is up for a limited time. So hurry now, register to get unlimited access to the bundle of complete web development series. Complete Web Development Bundle Contents Here is a complete list of all the courses covered in the bundle. 1. Wordpress Beginner Tutorial: Build Your First Website 2. Learn Rails Programming in Less than 2 Hours 3. An Introduction to PHP & MySQL 4. MySQL Database Development for Beginners 5. Learn Ruby Programming The Easy Way 6. jQuery for Absolute Beginners 7. Learn Essential Javascript Fundamentals 8. Python for Beginners 9. A Gentle Introduction to Python Programming 10. Learn PHP Programming for Absolute Beginners 11. Learn Google Go - Golang Programming for Beginners 12. Getting Started with NodeJS for Beginners 13. React Native…
Earn Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification
Introduction Microsoft is offering their Azure Cloud Fundamentals Certification for FREE. Follow my guide below to know how to earn Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification for free. The course is aimed at improving understanding of Microsoft Azure cloud concepts. The description on the Microsoft website is given below: What you will Learn The course will cover general cloud computing concepts as well as general cloud computing models and services such as public, private, and hybrid cloud and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and software-as-a-service (SaaS). It will also cover some core Azure services and solutions, as well as key Azure pillar services concerning security, privacy, compliance, and trust. Finally, it will cover pricing and support services available with Azure.Modules covered:Module 0 – Introduction to AzureModule 1 – Cloud conceptsCloud computing characteristicsCloud model comparisonTypes of cloud servicesModule 2 – Core Azure servicesCore Azure architectural componentsConfiguring IaaSCore Azure services and productsAzure management solutionsModule 3 – Security, privacy, compliance, and trustOverviewAzure security servicesPrivacy and complianceAzure Trust CenterModule 4 – Azure pricing and supportAzure subscriptionsPricing and purchasingBilling zonesToolsSupport plansMicrosoft Earn Microsoft…
[Get] Ecomtornado Academy Gift | From Beginner to Advanced Digital Marketer
Introduction Ecomtornado Academy is giving out a gift to the Ecommerce community. They are offering you a coupon code to get Ecomtornado Academy Gift from beginner to advanced digital Marketer course series worth about a thousand dollars! How to Get the Ecomtornado Gift Visit the Ecomtornado website link and register an account.Use COUPON CODE: NICKLOVESYOU TO Get $997 OFFEnjoy!!! Conclusion Hurry and grab this offer now!!! Visit EduTechTainMent for more of such wonderful information.
Certification in Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Program [100% Free]
Introduction | SkillUp Online in collaboration with NASSCOM is offering a free certification in Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Program [100% Free]. NASSCOM is the apex body of the Indian IT sector with over 2800 member organizations- both local and International. SkillUp Online is a company focused on the global provision of affordable and feasible state-of-the-art technology learning experiences. They offer certification courses on Software Development, Productivity, BigData, Data Science, Compliance, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, DevOps, e.t.c. They partner with Microsoft, IBM, and NASSCOM. The company has this to say about their services, At SkillUp Online, we focus on creating enriching, engaging learning journeys that helps our learners their build career in desired technology skills in easy, fun & meaningful way. With the aim of deriving maximum learning outcomes, our courses are developed by industry leaders like Microsoft, leverage innovative learning strategies, hands on labs & interactive activities, personalized mentoring & coaching services. And all this with complete flexibility of learning anytime, anywhere! What’s more is that for each course you complete successfully, you earn a…