How to Enroll In Any Udemy Course Using a Public Library Access Card


Hello guys. Today I am going to show you guys how to enroll for any Udemy courses using public library access for FREE. Udemy needs no introduction, so let’s dive in. Denver Public Library’s new online learning platform is offering over 4000 Udemy courses as a replacement for the former Lynda Library Online Learning it was providing to its members. This is provided by in partnership with Gale and tagged Gale Presents Udemy. It is actually an Udemy Business account.

What you Get

Here is a list of all courses currently being provided.

How to Enroll In Any Udemy Course Using a Public Library Access Card
What Udemy offers with this package


1. Create a Denver Public Library Card

  1. Connect your VPN to any location in the USA.
  2. Visit the Denver Public Library website, click on “Register” and sign up for a library card, using the following details:
  • Input any name of your choice. You can use your real name if you wish.
  • Fill in your DOB. Make a note of the year used in your DOB, because this will serve as your initial password.
  • You can make use of Google Map to generate any random street address, apt/unit number and Zip code in Denver.
  • Alternatively, you can make use of the following details:
    Street address: 820 Dexter St.
    City: Denver
    State: CO
    Zipcode: 80220
  • Provide your email address. You can make use of anyone you like.
  • Select any local library branch you wish.
  • Solve the captcha, and click to submit.
  • Note down your Library card number and the year of your DOB as chosen above. This will serve as your initial default password.
  • Your Denver Public Library Card is valid for 4 years.
How to Enrol for Any Udemy Course Using a Public Library Access
Confirmation Email with Library eCard.

2. Link Your Library Card to Udemy

  1. Visit the link on this site and click on “Udemy.
  2. You can equally download the Udemy for Business app and use on your smartphone.
  3. To install the app on your device, choose the “Udemy for Business” app and then fill in when prompted.
  4. Provide your library card number and use your year of DOB as the pin.
  5. You will be redirected to Gale Presents Udemy webpage.
  6. Now use either your Microsoft or Google account to sign up and get access to over 4000 courses on Udemy for FREE!!! You can even earn a certificate of completion. So you should ensure you use a valid me if you want to avail yourself of this opportunity.
  7. Finally, accept the Ts & Cs of Gale for Udemy and you are good to go.
How to Enroll In Any Udemy Course Using a Public Library Access Card
You need a Google or Microsoft account to sign in to Udemy and earn Certificates

Update Update Update!!!

As a result of massive leeching by people who really wanted to get access to Udemy courses, the Denver library Gale for Udemy has been flagged. Onoy those who didn’t log out of their accounts still have access to the Udemy Business account. All those who logged out had their accounts disabled and are unable to open another account. Don’t fret, EduTechTainMent got your back.

Here are three different libraries you can use to get the Gale for Udemy Business account. Make good use of it while it lasts guys. Others are making hay while the sunshines. Read my post here on how to download these Udemy courses onto your Google drive or Team Drive.

New Methods

1. Visit this library and register to get a library card. Then go here to get your Udemy Business account.

2. You can also Visit this other library and register to get a library card. Thenma go here to get your Udemy Business account.

3. Finally, you can also Visit this library and register to get a library card. Then go here to get your Udemy Business account.

Gale Presents Udemy For Business Account Temporarily Suspended


Hurry and make use of this opportunity to enrol in that course you have been yearning for for so long but finding it difficult due to financial constraints. Do not abuse this opportunity and use it mainly for learning purposes.

Happy Learning!!!

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  1. Mary Doboni
    1 year ago
    2020-9-01 13:06:26

    This is one of the great shares I have ever seen.
    Unfortunately, I can’t be able to take advantage any of these. I can get an E-Card number, which is I think different than a “Library Card Number” and this is what #Gale asks me to enter.
    Now, can you please share alternate updated trick, please?
    Or, I would be grateful if you please consider giving me an account.

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