Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 2 – Regular Google Drive

Welcome to part 2 of these series: Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 2 – Regular Google Drive. In this part, we shall talk about the regular Google drive storage.

Introduction |

Google offers a free tier of its cloud drive storage for free. Each client who signs up for a Gmail account is eligible for 15GB of Google Drive storage space. This is a very good offer. Most competitors don’t offer this much. This storage space is shared by your Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail. If you want more than the free 15GB, you will have to upgrade to a Google One account, which comes with extra storage space and additional features.

Google One offers 100GB, 200GB, and 2TB storage spaces at 1.99 dollars/month, 2.99 dollars per month, and 9.99 dollars/month, respectively, for each of the storage capacities. Business owners requiring more storage space can opt for Drive Enterprise, offering more features and pay-as-you-use at 8 dollars/user/month plus 1 dollar/25GB. Now let’s dive into Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 2 – Regular Google Drive.

Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 2 - Regular Google Drive
Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 2 – Regular Google Drive

How to Get Free 15GB Google Drive Storage Space

Some people may be unaware they are given up to 15GB cloud storage space when they open a Gmail account. Get the 15GB Google drive free storage space by opening a Google account. Once you do this, you are given the 15GB free cloud storage space to use. Thereafter, you can access your Google Drive via the Google Chrome browser or the stand-alone Google drive application on mobile.

Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 2 - Regular Google Drive
Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 2 – Regular Google Drive

How to Use Google Drive

You can put your Google Drive to effective use and derive maximal benefit from doing so. I will highlight some uses of Google Drive below

Google Drive
How to Use Google Drive

1. Save Attachments to Google Drive

We collaborate with others and frequently receive important emails with attachments we don’t want to lose. Open your Gmail app or navigate to your Gmail inbox via your web browser. You can save these attachments in your Google Drive securely. Just place your cursor to hover over the Email and the Google Drive logo pops up. Clicking on it, saves the attachment to your Google Drive.

2. Create Documents and Collaborate with others

Most of us are quite familiar with Microsoft Office Suite. Google also offers similar products through its Google Doc (similar to MS Word), sheets (similar to MS Excel) and slides (similar to MS PowerPoint). It allows for creating various document types and sharing of such files for collaboration. This is what makes Google Drive unique amongst other cloud storage providers- the ability to share files and collaborate, making changes together in real-time.

3. Share Files and Folders

To share files and folders with friends, upload the file or folder into your drive. Click on the three dots on the lower right corner of the file. Then select to share the document/file. You can equally choose to either send a copy of the document to others, make the document available offline, allow sharing of access and download link to the document etc.

4. Scan and Upload Paper Documents

Google Drive also allows you to scan and upload all paper documents such as important receipts, tellers, statements, etc and automatically upload same to Drive, as Portable Documents (PDF) for easy access anywhere. Many people also make use of these scanning and uploading feature to upload and save their certificates on their Google Drives. This affords them the opportunity to access and print out these important documents whenever and wherever the need arises, circumventing the need to physically carry the certificates about and also the need for a physical stand-alone document scanner.

To do this, open your Google Drive application on your phone, click on the plus icon on the lower right side of the screen. this brings up a dialogue box, asking you to select what to create- Folder, Upload, Scan, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. Select the file scan option and follow the prompts.

5. Working Offline

You can work offline on your documents also irrespective of the network status or strength. Turning this feature on allows you to have access to documents when your phone or smart device loses service such as in a plane or a building with poor network connectivity. You would need to install the Google Docs offline extension in your browser.

6. Revision/File Versioning

You can go look as fr back as 30 days on most file types. You can see who has made changes to files and restore previous versions of files if need be. This is file versioning in its simplest form.

7. Sharing Documents and Folders with Many People

If you need to share a file with many people, it would be better to create a folder and put the files inside. Then create a Google Group and share the folder with all members in the group. The creation of Google groups can only be done via the web browser and not on the mobile application. With Google groups, you can set various permissions such as who can access the group and its contents, who can join the group, who can post on the group and who can view topics on the group. There are many of such Google Groups available online. We shall be discussing more about in in later posts. You can also check out the Data Repository section of this blog to join various other groups.

8. Converting Documents Created with Other Programs

Occasionally we need to collaborate on a document that was created using another program and fear of compatibility comes up. There is a way around this provided the document is in the right format. Upload and open the the document to Google Drive; under the file menu, choose to open with…. Google will suggest the appropriate program to open the file with. All major file formats are currently supported. You can then save and share the document for collaboration with friends and colleagues.

9. Google drive Apps

Google Drive Apps are extensions that are available on the Chrome Store to improve the features and functionalities of your Google Drive. There are over 100 apps to explore and make use of.


That’s All About Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 2 – Regular Google Drive. You may want to read the first part of the series– Google Drive Cloud Storage. Read my other post on how to get Unlimited Google Team (Shared) Drive Cloud Storage space.

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