Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 3 – What is Google Suite?

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Welcome to the third part of these series: Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 3 – What is Google Suite? Google suite is a sort of hybrid of the regular free Google Drive. It is mainly for businesses and educational institutions. It offers all features found in regular Google Drive and much much more. Google Suite for Education is designed for students and educators. Many businesses and educational institutions make use of the Google Suite Enterprise, which offers unlimited Google Drive Storage space in addition to other perks.

What is Google Suite?

Google Suite was first launched by Google as 2006. It comprises of collaboration and productivity apps for business such as Gmail (Business email), Google Drive (for cloud storage), Hangouts, Calendar, Google Sheets, Docs, Forms (for building professional surveys), Slides, Security, Chat (for team messaging), Sites (websites builder), Cloud search (for searching within and outside of G Suite), administrative controls, and much more. Google offers a 14 days free trial for Google Suite and subsequently, it is priced at 6 USD per user per month for Basic, 12 USD per user per month for Business, and 25 USD per user per month for Enterprise plan. The basic plan comes with 30GB of Google Drive Cloud storage, while the Business and Enterprise plans come with unlimited cloud storage ( or 1TB per user, if less than five users).

In the online world, what makes these services appeal to Data Hoarders, is the unlimited cloud Storage space it offers and also the ability to create Google Team Drives, which also inherit the unlimited storage space. We shall be discussing more on Team Drives in a later post. Team Drives are shared spaces in which all team members can collaborate and store, search, and access their files anywhere, from any device. In contrast to regular Google Drives, files shared in a Team Drive belongs to the team irrespective of the individual who shared it. If a member leaves, the files will still remain exactly where they are. This allows for continuous teamwork and collaboration.

What is Google Suite?
What is Google Suite?

Comparison of Google Suite Drive and Google Team (Shared) Drive

Google Suite Drives are either Educational or Enterprise Drives, while Team Drives are shared Drives.

Someone with a Google Suite Drive cannot add members or assign another Google Suite Drive to others, while someone with a Google Team (shared) Drive can add other members to his team drive. However, someone with a Google Suite Drive can create Team (Shared) Drives to which he/she can assign members and allot storage spaces, as an administrator.

Google Suite Drive can share folders while a Google Team Drive cannot share folders since it can add other members to the team drive.


Many people are interested in the question: What is Google Suite? Google Suite (Education and Enterprise) Drives offer unlimited Storage space, ability to create Google Team (Shared) Drives in addition to many other perks. Google Team Drive is Shared Drive that belongs to the team and its contents persist for long even after a member leaves. It also offers unlimited storage space for file storage.

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