Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 4 – Management of Google Drives and Team Drives

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Welcome to the 4th part of the series: Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 4 – Management of Google Drives and Team Drives. I shall be discussing applications to help you derive maximum benefits and efficiently use your Google Drives and Team Drives.

Software for Management of Google Drives and Team Drives

Mobile Applications

1. MixPlorer

I personally consider Mixplorer as the best application for the Management of Google Drives and Team Drives on mobile devices. Follow this link to download MixPlorer app. It has the following features:

  1. Ability to lock the app and prevent un-authorized access to the contents of your Google Drive. It offers both key pattern, fingerprint, and unique pin authorization features.
  2. Support for listing and managing of Google Team Drives.
  3. Support for numerous cloud storage services- Google Drive, MEGA, DropBox, Box, MediaFire, Microsoft OneDrive, Yandex, 4Shared, Baidu, HiDrive, Cloud, and many others. In fact you can go as far as creating custom drives to add.
  4. Support for various add-ons to extend the features and functionalities such as packing and unpacking of compressed files, VLC codecs for media playback right from the app, a Metadata reader and PDF, Epub, Mobi readers metadata editor, PDF reader, media tagger and image codecs.
  5. Robust community support with a free version and premium version available for use. The free version would suffice.
  6. Ability to add multiple cloud storages. I have about 4 regular Google Drives, 4 Google Suite Educational Drives, numerous Team Drives, many MEGA drives, etc.
Team Drives
Management of Google Drives and Team Drives- MixPlorer
Team Drives
Management of Google Drives and Team Drives- MixPlorer

2. NPlayer

This is very good for streaming the video contents of your Google drive and Team Drives without need for downloading the media. Follow this Google link to search for and download the app.

3. Others

Other alternative file managers you can equally make use of are Solid Explorer and X-plore file managers (no Team Drive support however).

Windows Applications

1. RaiDrive

This is by far, the best file explorer you can use to manage your Google Drives and Team Drives. It can mount your drives as an external HDD. It is an open-source software application. Ensure you have Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft .NET 4.8 or later installed. you can mount multiple cloud drives and even Google Team Drives.

Team Drives
Management of Google Drives and Team Drives- RaiDrive

2. Air Explorer

This is similar to MixPlorer and is also feature rich. There are however concerns that it comes with some sort of malware (although unproven to the best of my knowledge). The premium version allows you to load multiple Google Drive accounts while the free version will only allow for one Google Drive.

Team Drives
Management of Google Drives and Team Drives- AirExplorer

3. Rclone

This another power tool for the management of Google Drives. It, however, uses the Command Line Interface (CLI). I shall publish another post dedicated to Rclone, because of its very powerful features.


You can now make an informed decision on the application to use in managing your Cloud Storage both on PC and Mobile. I will dedicate another post to explaining how to really make use of some of the great feaatures of some of these applications. Note however, that, with the possible exception of Rclone, all the above mentioned applications can allow for maximum daily transfer/download of 750GB.

Read my post here to know how to get your own personal Google Team Drive with Unlimited Cloud Storage space. If you don’t want to miss out on other great posts on here, make use of the subscription box below to receive updates and notifications about posts as soon as they are published on EduTechTainMent.

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