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Hello guys. Today I will show you how to bypass linkvertise redirects to get to the actual page you want to navigate to without being bothered about linkvertise adverts and what have you. Linkvertise offers advertisers of publishers a way to monetize content or switch advertising! Linkvertise offers its customers a way to earn money online when they share links. Money is earned by site administrators whenever visitors click on their website links. Linkvertise also offers first-time customers two dollars upon registration.

Many people have to deal with the series of advertorial redirects when navigating their favourite webpages. This can be frustrating atimes. EduTechTainMent will show you guys how to bypass this and experience a seamless browsing experience.

How to Bypass Linkvertise

First Method- Install Universal ByPass Browser Addon

This is arguably the easiest of all. All you need to do is install a single addon and you are good to go. The addon works on both mobile and PC browsers of Chrome and Firefox. I would however recommend the Firefox addon, based on personal UX. Universal Bypass not only works for Linkvertise, but also works very well in circumventing many other such advertorial redirects and adverts. Universal Bypass helps to circumvent sites which require you to wait (like, or which require you to do something (e.g., and and even trackers (such as and

Download the Universal Bypass addon for your browser. In the past, the addon was available on the Chrome store but Linkvertise threatened to sue the developers of Universal bypass and it got taken down from the store. You will, therefore, need to manually install it on Chrome after downloading the zip file. It is still however available on the Firefox addon store, Microsoft Edge addon store, and the Opera addon store (but for Opera, it only works on the beta or developer version of the browser).

Universal Bypass was forced to stop bypassing Linkvertise sites due to legal issues. You can install a custom script to overcome this. After installing Universal Bypass, open the Linkedvertise extension page on your browser and click on Extension Options. On the new page that opens, scroll down to Custom Bypass. Copy and paste the below script into the Custom Bypass box. You don’t have to over-write the contents of the box. Your changes will be saved automatically.

How to Bypass Linkvertise
domainBypass(/linkvertise\.(com|net)|link-to\.net/, () => {
    url="" + location

domainBypass(/online-coding\.eu/, () => {
    if(location.pathname.includes("LinkvertiseBypass")) {
        let xhr=new XMLHttpRequest()

Second Method- Download Linvertise Bypasser

Download Universal bypasser from this link. Open the executable file. You don’t need to install it. It’s a light app. Copy the link of the webpage you want to visit and paste it into the box in the app. Click on Bypass. That’s all.

Third Method

Use this website by pasting the linkvertise link in the provided box and clicking on Bypass Ad-link. You can checkout the version 2 and 3 of the website also.

Linkvertise Bypasser
This linkvertise bypasser is an easy to use tool for bypassing linkvertise ad-links


This method doesn’t work only for linkvertise but also many other redirects, trackers and advertorial services. It’s therefore an invaluable tool to have if you want to enjoy a seamless hitch-free browsing experience.

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