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Hello guys. Today I am going to show you guys how to download courses onto your computer for offline viewing. needs no introduction. I am sure most of us know what they offer. The new platform is now LinkedIn Learning, but most libraries and colleges still offer premium access. I will be publishing another post about, one thousand and one ways (literally) to get a premium access.

How to Download Courses onto your Local HDD

  1. You need to have a valid subscription.
  2. Login to your Lynda account and navigate to the course you want to download.
  3. On chrome, right-click on the page and select “Inspect”. A page will open. Click on the “Application” tab. Expand the “Cookies” tab to and select the course link. In the “Filter” box, type in “token”. Click on the result and select to copy the token value shown. In addition, you need to copy the URL of the course from your browser bar.
  4. On Firefox, Press Shift+F9 on your keyboard OR right-click anywhere on the Lynda website, choose “Inspect Element” and click storage. Look for the word “token” the column “Name”. Copy the value.
  5. Copy these URL and course token and paste it in the LyndaCoursesDownloader program.
  6. Visit this Links to download LyndaCoursesDownloader: Windows, Mac, Linux.
  7. Open the LyndacoursesDwonloader, select the Browser you are using (Firefox or Chrome), the video download quality (360p, 540p, 720p), paste the copied course URL into the provided Course URL box, and also paste the copied course token value into the provided “Token Cookie” box.
  8. Create a folder you want to download the courses into. Copy and paste the folder location/path into the “Course Location” box. Click on “Start Downloading” and relax for your download to complete. The LyndaCoursesDownloader uses automated web app control via Selenium. You will get a notification screen when your download is completed.

Giffy Guide on How to Download Courses

Coming Soon!!!


Now you know how to download courses onto your local HDD. Don’t forget to use the subscription box below to get notified whenever we publish such informative posts on EduTechTainMent. I will be publishing an exclusive post on how to get a valid premium account using different methods. Stay subscribed. Happy Learning!!!

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Credit: ahmedayman4a, developer of the LyndaCourseDownloader.

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