How to Download Skillshare Course | 2020


Hello guys. Today I am going to show you guys how to download skillshare courses. Using this Google Colab script, you can download any Skillshare course onto your Google drive or MEGA cloud storage. Let’s dive in!


  1. Google Colab Script.
  2. You don’t need to be a premium subscriber of Skillshare. That means this method will work even if you don’t have a skillshare account.
  3. A Google drive with adequate storage space.

Advantages of Using this Google Colab Script

  1. It works seamlessly.
  2. You can download directly and store to files to either Google Drive, Team Drive (with some minor tweaks) or MEGA cloud storage.

Stepwise Guide on How to Download Skillshare Course

  1. Open my Google Colab Script through this Link.
  2. Visit the Skillshare website and navigate to any course that interests you.
  3. Skillshare is currently giving two months FREE premium access to new subscribers. Use this link to signup and get your premium access valid for two months.
  4. Configure the Google colab to run for the first time by setting it to connect to hosted run time.
  5. In the Google Colab, click to run the 1st cell. This mounts your Google drive in Colab. Solve the captcha if prompted and then click the link to get the authorization code for your Google drive. Paste the code in the box provided and your drive will be mounted. You can check for your drive on the left part of the Colab pane. You may need to refresh the navigation pane (not the Google Colab notebook URL) if you don’t see your drive listed.
  6. Run the 2nd cell to install the requirements for the script to run. You will see successfully configured message.
  7. Thereafter input the copied URL of the Skillshare course into the provided “Course_link” box and run the cell.
  8. Run the next cell to transfer and save the downloaded Skillshare course into a folder in your Google drive.
  9. To save the courses into your MEGA cloud storage, run the last cell after inputting your MEGA account details in the box provided.
  10. You can equally download the courses into your Google Team (Shared) Drive either through this script of using the applications i shared in this post.

Giffy Guide on How to Download Any Skillshare Course into Google Drive.


Network is bad.


That’s it guys! Now you can download all the courses you need from Skillshare with ease, using this script. Don’t forget to use the subscription box below to get notified whenever we publish such informative posts on EduTechTainMent. Read this post on how to download Lynda courses.

EduTechTainMent is not responsible for the way and manner you use the information provided here. This is mainly for educational purposes. Read our terms and conditions through the link below.

EduTechTainMent Terms and conditions

Credits: Code improvements, modifications and inclusion of MEGA storage made by EduTechTainMent.

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