How to Find Stuff Online Like a Pro | Softwares, Courses, and Many More

Today I am going to be discussing how to find stuff online like a Pro- Softwares, Courses, and Many More. This tutorial is coming up at this time based on popular demand.


Often times we find out that we need some resources from the internet. We are at a loss where to start searching from, which website to visit and what not. We most ultimately settle down to use the Good ‘ol Google search. Yes your guess is as good as mine! We are also going to be using Google for this guide.

Google is arguably the most commonly used search engine all over the world. It has proved to be a very powerful tool in the hands of those who know their ways around it. Don’t worry, this guide isn’t going to be about lots of coding. You just need to type in ONE line of search queries. That’s all!!

Understanding what a Top Level Domain (TLD) is

Websites need to have a domain name that points to their IP address. Several of such TLD exists. The most popular is the .com TLD. Others include .org, .edu, .org, .net, etc. Our focus is on the Country Code TLD (ccTLD). Examples of ccTLDs include .us, .in, .fr, .ru, .ir, etc. Most people using Google search often don’t bother about the TLD extension of their search hits. This is very important. Google mostly defaults to the .com TLD in returning search query results. We are going to be exploring this in searching for our stuffs online.

Importance of the .ir TLD

The .ir TLD is the ccTLD for the Peoples Republic of Iran. Such websites are mainly in the Persian language. For this reason most people don’t even bother about them. I can tell you authoritatively that the .ir websites are unequaled in the content richness and variety. They are my one-stop-shop for any and everything i search for online. I will highlight some of the reasons why i love them.

  1. Highly rich in contents ranging from premium games, premium courses, softwares for all platforms- Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
  2. Majorly free from malwares.
  3. Majorly free from third-party file hosting providers
  4. Majorly free from unnecessary redirects to ad and affiliate sites
  5. Most importantly, they offer direct high speed file downloads from. their servers.

How to Find Any Stuff Online Like a Pro Using .ir TLD

Now let’s dive in. Go to Google and key in the following search query.

“Keyword of your search” site:*.ir.

This simple search query tells Google to search for the keywords in all websites with the .ir TLD name. Lets illustrate this with a simple example using the regular google search and the tweaked Google search pointing to the .ir domain name. For example, assuming we are searching for a new software I just heard about- sitebulb, I would enter the following search query into Google.

sitebulb site:*.ir

The differences in the results of the search queries are quite obvious. While one gives us direct download links right from the very first page, the other gave us several pages of adverts and even when we did get a link to download it from, there were several hurdles- adverts and redirects to third party file-hosting sites.

The guide above should be your first-stop-shop when searching for any and everything online. You are assured of getting a hit on the first or second Google search result page in about 85-90% of cases.

List of my Best Persian Websites

Whilst you can always run your searches on your own, I have taken the liberty to present you guys with my list of best .ir sites that i get virtually ALL my stuffs from, with little or no stress, all offering direct downloads

  1. Downloadly– site for latest premium softwares (both Windows and Mac), Premium video tutorials from Udemy, Lynda, Udacity, Skillshare, etc.
  2. Soft98– site for latest premium softwares (both Windows and Mac)
  3. Git– this is an invaluable website for all tech lovers. All top video lectures from top providers in the industry. I so much love it!
  4. Bitdownload– Literally loaded with all and everything you can think of.
  5. Mutaz– your one-stop-site for major Softwares, drivers and what have you
  6. P30Download– This site made me fall in love with Persian websites. It was my first love in this regard (smiles). I seldom visit it anymore because they now host their files on a third party file host. But I owe it to them to mention it. It contains all and everything you can think of.
  7. Many many more. To discover more, use the search query I explained above and bookmark them as you discover your favorite Persian sites.


Let me quickly drop links to the direct file servers of one of the Persian sites above. It’s a treasure chest!!! It’s a goldmine!!! Enjoy!!!

Server 3

Server 1

Server 13 Packt Publishing

Server 13

Udemy Downloads

Lynda Downloads

O’Reilly Downloads

Pluralsight Downloads

Parent Directory of Learning

Another loaded Lynda Tutorial Links on Server 10

Server 10 Links for various training agencies/institutions videos

More Udemy Links


Server for Games
Server 7 for games too

Now, you are better informed. Don’t go asking anyone to get you links to stuff online. Be the Pro everyone goes to for links.

Final Tip

For those who may have difficulty navigating the Persian sites due to language barrier, Google Translate is your best bet. Google Chrome automatically translates the Persian sites for you. I don’t need to even translate the sites mostly. With everyday use, you become familiar with where the download link buttons are located on the pages, and you just go there and directly click on them. If you have errors loading the pages, make use of a VPN, pointing anywhere asides from USA!!!

In addition, note that all passwords are the names of the site you download from. It’s either: just the name without the prefix www (that is, or with the prefix www (that is

To navigate and find your content of interest in the index file sites, make use of the search function on PC, by pressing the keys combination, Control + F. This open a dialogue box into which you can then input your search query to find stuffs on the index pages.

Please also note that in Persian language, the alphabet “dal” represents “D”, so if you see a hyperlink starting with “Dal” written as د That’s the one you should click on.In summary, the download links always have “Download”, written as “دؤنلد” in Persian.

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