How to Get and Use Kopernio Premium Account

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Today I will be discussing how to qualify for, set up and use the Kopernio premium account. Kopernio is a browser plugin powered by Web of Science, offering “fast one-click access to millions of research articles”, circumventing abstract pages, logins, redirects and other bottlenecks in accessing the full PDF articles. I published a post here about Kopernio. Currently, Kopernio offers a “free” upgrade to users who invite just one person (through his/her invite link), to sign up and use Kopernio. I benefited from this and have had my account upgraded to premium. I am currently enjoying these wonderful features provided by the Kopernio premium.

Features of Kopernio Premium

Kopernio premium offers an increased storage space of about 2Gb. To qualify for this offer, register an account with Kopernio. You will be provided with an invite link for your account. Share this invite link with friends and colleagues; encourage them to sign up through your invite link. You only need to get one person to sign up through your invite link, to qualify for an upgrade to Kopernio premium. After successfully linking your Dropbox, kopernio premium locker contents will automatically be synced to your Dropbox cloud storage account.

How to Get and Use Kopernio Premium Account
How to Get and Use Kopernio Premium Account

It also offers Dropbox integration for both PDF articles in your Kopernio Locker and Bibliography .bib files. To get started, click on the Dropbox tab under your Kopernio premium settings account. Then click on “Connect to Dropbox” link. It will redirect you to the Dropbox login page. Login to your Dropbox account either through your Dropbox login credentials or through your Google account. If you don’t have a Dropbox account, do create one. It only takes few minutes to create an account. Kopernio premium creates two separate folders in your Dropbox account-

  • a Papers folder containing all your PDF research articles, and
  • a Bibliography folder containing all your library .bib files.
Kopernio Premium
Kopernio premium 2
Kopernio Premium
Kopernio premium 4
Kopernio Premium account
Kopernio premium 5
Kopernio Premium

Kopernio premium also offers unlimited tagging for articles in your locker. This helps to ensure your articles are well organized and easy to search and find in your Lockers. 

Ability to automatically import PDFs in your Kopernio locker into your favorite Reference Manager applicatons such as EndNote and Mendeley, through Dropbox. Read my post on how to choose a Reference Management Software to use. To import PDFs in your Kopernio premium locker into your favorite Reference Manager, for example Mendeley, Just add the Kopernio premium Dropbox folder to the watched folders in Mendeley. 

How to Get and Use Kopernio Premium Account
How to Get and Use Kopernio Premium Account

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