How to Get Free RDP | 32GB RAM

Introduction |

Today I will be showing you guys how to get free RDP, with 32GB RAM. RDP is the abbreviation for Remote Desktop Protocol- a Microsoft propriety protocol designed to facilitate secure remote connection to other computers. I won’t be focusing on what RDP means and how it is used. Refer to Wikipedia to read about RDP.

How to Get free RDP

Let’s dive in. Follow the procedures outlined below to get free RDP.

  1. Visit the Google QwikLabs Cloud Training website to register an account. Ensure you don’t use your real Google account details. Preferably use a temporary or disposable mail service provider. There are several goods ones available. I used Mailinator service but for this guide, I will be using a Telegram IM Email service. After registering, check your mailbox and confirm your subscription by following the link given in the mail.
  2. Thereafter, visit this QwiLab Quest Link, and when prompted, use the code 1q-apigee-441. this will give you about forty minutes of QwikLab time.
  3. Open this QwikLabs Link in your browser in Incognito mode (For Chrome browser on PC, press Control + Shift + N). Sign in using your login credentials.
  4. Once logged in, Click on Catalog > Google Cloud Essentials > A Tour of Qwiklabs and the Google Cloud Platform. Perform the first lab session, which typically lasts for forty minutes. You won’t be able to stop or pause the session once it starts. When you are done taking the Google Cloud Essentials QwikLab, click on the End button on the right upper part of your screen. Upon completion of this QwikLab, you get access to the entire Google Cloud Platform catalogue for a month (30 days). Log out of the session and you can close the browser incognito window.
  5. Open this QwikLab Link and login with your credentials to see your earned 5 credits.
  6. That’s all guys. Go to the next QwikLab Quest, Creating a Virtual Machine, and you are good to go.
  7. I was able to create a Debian virtual machine (on which I deployed Nginx web server) and a Windows server.
  8. Don’t worry, you will be guided all along. It’s a learning platform after all.
  9. I will be updating this post on the go. I need to run along guys. I still have several QwikLab quests I need to explore and complete.
  10. Please make use of this opportunity to also learn about Google Cloud Computing (GCP). It’s an invaluable skill.

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