How to Get Free VPS/RDP for One or Two Months [100% Confirmed]

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Those who know how invaluable the use of VPS/RDP is will always want to lay their hands on one with a decent specification. I am going to give a guide on How to Get Free VPS/RDP for One or Two Months [100% Confirmed], without the need for credit card details.

How to get free VPS/RDP


Follow the steps below to get the VPS/RDP.

  1. Visit the site in this link to register for your account.
  2. Populate the registration details with whatever you like. You can use temporary emails but ensure you input a valid/accessible phone number while registering. I used the telegram IM mail service for mine.
  3. You will be sent your free voucher worth 10 Euros after one to 5 days. Patience is key.
  4. After receiving the voucher code, visit the website and activate the voucher. Thereafter register an account, after which you will be provided with a unique cloud username. Ensure you use the same phone number you used initially so your voucher can be linked to your account.
  5. Upon successful activation, you will have full access to your cloud account. You will be sent the initial login password via your registered mobile phone number. If you don’t receive it on time, click to resend password, and you should then get it.
  6. You can then decide to buy a VPS of either a month or two months with your free 10 Euros voucher.
  7. This is a very legit offer. Their services are nice and you will see this as you explore the options on the site.
  8. I bought a VPS for 1 month and still have 5.50 Euros left in myaccount. I was able to deploy Ubuntu 2019 server and logged in via SSH (Putty) on Windows. The choice is yours. You can decide to deploy Windows Server, Debian, CentOS etc, depending on your preferences.

Pictorial Guide

After activating your cloud account, follow the procedure in the gif image below to set up your VPS/RDP and start enjoying.

Watch this gif Pictorial Guide to set up your own.

You can create multiple accounts using this method. However, don’t abuse it, please.


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