How To Get Quality Lecture/Study Resource Materials of Your Favourite Textbooks Using Elsevier’s Evolve

Today I will be discussing about how you can source for, download and use quality lecture resource materials of your favourite texts.

To the Lecturer: Do you have a favourite textbook you usually read and make use of when preparing your lectures to be delivered to your students.

To the Student: Do you also have a favourite textbook you read or do you know the title or author of the favourite textbooks your lecturers use in their lectures or that they recommend for you to read. Don’t worry.

Today you will learn how to source for and get quality resource materials based on your favourite textbooks, irrespective of whether you are a student or a lecturer. However, there is only one condition to be met. The texts have to be published by Elsevier. Do not be dissapointed. you will find out that you will equally most likely benefit from this. Elsevier is a house-hold name i.e they are very popular. They are the publishers of over 2500 journals and more than 33000 book titles. They also provide web-based digital solutions such as Scopus, Sciencedirect, ClinicalKey, Evolve, Knovel, and Reaxys. The description on the Elsevier website aptly descibes the company thus:

“Elsevier is a world-leading provider of information solutions that help you make better decisions, deliver better care and sometimes make ground-breaking discoveries in science, health and technology”.


We will be discussing about one of Elsevier’s web-based digital solutions- Evolve. Evolve is a:


“destination site for healthcare educators to register for all of their Elsevier teaching material”.


So let’s get started with our guide.

Step 1: Visit the Elsevier Evolve website. If you are a student, click on the “I’m a Student” link. If you are a lecturer, then click on the “I’m an educator” link.

EDuTech_TM Elsevier Evolve

Step 2: Click on the “Log in” tab above or click on “Create account” tab to begin creating an account. Note that if you already have an account with any of Elsevier’s web-based digital solutions such as Scopus or Science direct, then you don’t have to register again on the Evolve website. A single Elsevier account will work for all Elsevier’s web-based digital solutions.

Step 3: Depending on whether you are a lecturer or a student, fill in the account registration form accordingly. Also choose where you reside- either within the United States or outside the United States.

Step 4: After completing all the registration process, you will be sent a confirmation email providing you with your username and password. Login with your newly created account. You will then have to search for any product, or text material you are looking for. Search by inputing a keyword, author, ISBN, or title of whatever you may be looking for and are interested in. As an example, I will be searching for the keyword “Physiology”

Step 6: You will be presented with a list of all the findings based on your search query. You can decide to filter or sort through the search results based on your preferences. I would sort through my search results based on available “Evolve Resources”. Then scroll through the results until you find what you are interested in. I chose a 2016 edition of Guyton and Hall Textbook of Physiology and also a 2016 edition of Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manual.


EduTech_TM Elsevier Evolve


Step 7: Next click on the “Request this Product Now” tab. Then click on the “Redeem/Checkout” tab. Next check the “I Accept” box and also “Yes I am an Intructor” or “Yes I am a Student” tab, depending on your account type. Finally click on “Submit”. After that you are done. Wait for your application to be processed and your status as a student or lecturer to be verified by Elsevier. You will be notified via email once your application is accepted or rejected. Ensure you provide accurate information because they will surely verify your status. Same happened to me. I was initially sent an email to make some clarifications about my status. I responded with convincing evidence and got verified. It was well worth it. It saved me a whole lot of stress in preparing for my Cardiovascular Physiology lectures using the latest 2016 edition of Guyton and Hall Textbook of Physiolgy.


EduTech_TM Elsevier Evolve


EduTech_TM Elsevier Evolve


EduTech_TM Elsevier Evolve






EduTEch_TM Elsevier Evolve


EduTech_TM Elsevevier Evolve


EduEtch_TM Elsevier Evolve


Step 8: Here are the powerpoints presentations of ALL the chapters in Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology resource materials sent into my catalog i downloaded and use for my Medical Physiology lectures for my students.

@Edutech_TM Elsevier Evolve


The resource materials such as power point presentations may be customised/personalised with your name and institution name placed as a watermark on the slides. If you so wish, you can further edit the power point slides by either adding more slides or deleting some. Other resource materials you will be provided with include Video animations, all images in the textbook, a question bank to test your students knowledge based on what has been taught, etc. I have all the aforementioned resources in my Evolve account. You also can avail yourself of this wonderful opportunity provided by Elseveir Evolve.


@Edutech_TM Elsevier Evolve


@Edutech_TM Elsevier Evolve


Final Note:

Ensure you provide accurate information to ensure quick verification. Use your institution/school email address e.g. You won’t regret you tried it.

Try it out and drop your comments and questions in the comment box below. I will try and respond as soon as possible. Make use of this wonderful resource by Elsevier and share this post with your friends and colleagues by clicking the Share button.


This post first appeared on my test website – which I have stopped maintaining in order to focus on this site. 

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