How to Get the Best Use Out of Your Telegram Messenger | An All-in-One Guide | 2020

Introduction |

Hello guys. Today I am going to show you guys how to use Telegram messenger. This is going to be an all-in-one (AIO) guide. I discovered many people still don’t realize how powerful and useful this app is; always asking which channels and groups to join, hence the reason for this write-up. This list is by no means exhaustive. It’s just to get you started so you can also be on your way to becoming a power user of Telegram messenger app.

Telegram is a free cloud-based messaging and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) app similar to WhatsApp. It was developed and released in August 2013 by the Durov brothers- Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durov- who are also the developers of VK, the largest social network in Russia. Telegram has over 400 million users globally. Telegram is available on all the popular platforms- Android, iOS, Windows PC, Mac, and Linux.

The Telegram messaging app offers users privacy with its end-to-end encryption feature and allows users to send any type of file. This means that it is almost impossible for any 3rd party to gain access to messages being communicated between two users without the users’ consent. This accounts for the increasing popularity of the app. This popularity was further given a push when Facebook acquired WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app.

The increasing popularity of the app and its privacy feature has made some countries and governments (e.g. Russia and Iran) make attempts to control the app usage or out-rightly ban it. Ironically, some of the apps’ largest user bases are in Iran and Russia. The app has been used for both the good, the bad, and the ugly. Now let’s dive in.

Telegram opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities. It is very immersive. Telegram revolutionized the world of technology and file sharing IMO. It’s ironic so many people still don’t realize the wealth of knowledge on, and tweaks possible with this app, and would rather stick to whatsApp. Each one has it’s merits though.

Advantages of Telegram over WhatsApp

  1. Telegram offers more privacy security relative to WhatsApp. This was further given a push when Facebook acquired WhatsApp.
  2. Ability to send and share an unlimited number of any type of file, with a maximum of 1.5GB per file
  3. Ability to send private, encrypted, time-based self-destructible messages.
  4. Ability to store all your messages and media in the cloud and retrieve them when needed.
  5. Ability to create and coordinate groups (of up to 200, 000 members) and channels (with unlimited number of members).
  6. Telegram is fast and free for everyone and has no ads or subscription fees.
  7. Telegram has an open API and protocol anyone can access and use.
  8. It is cloud-based and allows you to store and access your messages and media at the same time from multiple devices with real-time synchronization.
  9. It offers a secure platform free from hackers threat and prying eyes of governments.
  10. Ability to build your own tools such a telegram bots using the Telegram API.

Download Telegram

Download Telegram for Android devices.

Download Telegram for iOS devices.

Download Telegram for PC, Mac and Linux.

Download Telegram for MacOS.

Telegram can also be used via your web broswer.

I would strongly recommend that you download Plus Messenger as your primary Telegram app on Android devices. It offers the best UX, with categorizations into Contact user chats, groups, supergroups, channels, bots, favorites, etc. You can also create custom directories for your groups, channels, and bots.


Read my guide on how to get a Google Team (Shared) Drive with unlimited storage. You would definitely need it if you want to store content for your personal use.

To get 5TB OneDrive cloud storage account, read my posts here.

Read my guide on how best to seamlessly manage your remote cloud drives on your local PC.

To manage your cloud storages on your mobile device, read this guide.

How to Get the Best Use Out of Your Telegram Messenger

Now I will list some very important groups, channels, and bots to help you get a wow experience using your Telegram app.

Torrent to Google Drive Group Bots.

These allow you to download any torrent file onto a Google Drive or Shared (Team) Drive. The TD of these groups are loaded with any and everything you may wish to find. Open the links below and join the telegram groups and TD of the groups. You may be overwhelmed by the mass of resources available on these TDs. Don’t fret, EduTechTainMent got you covered.

Read my post on how to learn about the best applications to use in managing your TD on your local PC and mobile devices seamlessly. Contents from the public TD or Google Drives can then be copied onto your own personal TD or Google Drive with unlimited storage. These groups and their respective TD and Google Drive Index Links (where available) are listed below.

Important Note

All links provided below are functional as the time of publishing this article. However, note that some of the links given below may no longer be functional as at the time you are reading this post, because they may have been DMCA’d (closed or taken down) by Telegram due to Copyright infringements. Drop a comment in the comment box below if you discover any of such links are down and I will provide you with the new link or an alternative one.

  1. EduTechTainMent Group | Team Drive | Index Site

    Telegram Group
    This is the Official Telegram Group Chat of "Over Every Possessor of Knowledge, There is (Some) One (Else) More Knowledgeable".

  2. KL Torrent Drive | Team Drive | Index Site

    KL Torrent Drive
    Torrent to Google Drive bot. 1. Never send dead Torrents. 2. No porn allowed. 3. Respect each other. Join Teamdrive : Index : ...

  3. SL SeedBox | Team Drive | Index Site

    丂ㄥ乃ㄖㄒ丂 ✪ 丂乇乇ᗪ乃ㄖ乂
    This Group Only For Leech Torrents. ❌ Not For Chat 🗣 If you want to chat Join => @slbotsbugs @seedboxSL

  4. HK Torrent Drive | Team Drive | Index Site 1 | Index Site 2

    Torrent Drive
    Torrent to Google Drive bot. 1. Never send dead Torrents. 2. No porn allowed. 3. Respect each other. Index file website: (@HK_drive_BOT) ...

  5. Torrent Drive Group | Team Drive | Index Site

    Torrent Drive Cloud
    Rules: /rules Support Group: Buy me a cof... Server: Our channel: Our telegram proxy: ...

  6. Torrent Hoarding | Team Drive | Index Site

    Torrent Hoarding
    A Fast G-Drive Mirror Bot For Pirates 😉 Official Channel - @TorrentMirror ➤ Do Not Forget To Read The Rules ➤ Don't Mirror Porn/Crap Quality Content ➤ All Content Is Uploaded To A Team ...

  7. Bhadoo Cloud | Team Drives | Index Site 1 | Index Site 2 | Index Site 3 | Index Site 4 | Index Site 5

    Bhadoo Cloud
    Read Terms of Service before using our Services

  8. Xtreme Cloud | Team Drive | Index Site

    乂ȶʀɛʍɛ ㄒօʀʀɛռȶ 匚ʟօʊɖ 〄
    @XtremeCloud BitTorrent/Direct URL to Google Drive Bot Check pinned message. Porn Not Allowed ❌ Read Pinned Message and its following links. After that you are eligible to use the group.

  9. TorrToDrive Heaven | Team Drive | Index Site

    Torrtodrive Heaven
    MirrorBot To access the downloaded files you can join my TD by joining here

  10. Torrent Drive Cloud | Team Drive | Index Site

    Torrent Drive Cloud
    Rules: /rules Support Group: Buy me a cof... Server: Our channel: Our telegram proxy: ...

  11. Meta Public Leecher | Team Drive | Index Site

    Meta Public-Leecher
    G-Drive Mirror Bot 😉 ➤ Do Not Forget To Read The Rules ➤ Don't Mirror Porn/Crap Quality Content ➤ All Content Is Uploaded To A Team Drive ...

  12. Viper Cloud | Team Drive | Index Site

    Viper Test
    ALWAYS [UNSTABLE] Join @ViperPunk

    Viper Cloud
    Subscribe for updates - @ViperCloud Powered by @ViperPunk Discussion Group - @ViperHelp Pinned Message - Drive Index - Join Teamdrive -

  13. APD SeedBox | Team Drive | Index Site 1 | Index Site 2 | Index Site 3

    Torrent uploads to Teamdrives Join TeamDrive : Our Index links 👇 Driver : Driver 2 : ...

  14. Private TD Mirror Group | Team Drive | Index Site

    Private TD Mirror Group
    this group: tdporn bot To access TeamDrive Files you Need Join Google Group ...

  15. Torrent Public Drive | Team Drive | Index Site

    Public Drive Cloud
    You can view and join @PublicDrive right away.

  16. Punisher Cloud | Team Drive | Index Site 1 | Index Site 2

    The Punisher Cloud
    Join @punisherdiscussion for help

  17. Torrent To Drive Zone | Team Drive | Index Site

    Torrent Zone 🆁🅴🅰️🅳 🅳🅴🆂🅲🆁🅸🅿️🆃🅸🅾️🅽
    How to use: Live bot: /upload /td1 /td2 Must join google group, otherwise u wont be able to acesss files link:!forum/teamdrivee/join Note ...

  18. KS Leech Store | Team Drive | Index Site

    KS Leech Store
    You can view and join @KS_LeechStore right away.

  19. Sammy Torrents | Team Drive | Index Site

    Sammy Torrents
    Can leech torrents and direct links for you 😊 A Free G-Drive Mirror Bot ➤ Do Not Forget To Read The Rules ➤ No Porn = Ban ❌ Use @PornMirror ➤ All Content Is Uploaded To A Team Drive ➤ No ...

  20. Torrent Drive | Team Drive | Index Site

    Torrent Drive
    Torrent to Google Drive bot. 1. Never send dead Torrents. 2. No porn allowed. 3. Respect each other. Index file website: (@HK_drive_BOT) ...

Telegram Bots

Telegram bots are applications that help in the automation of tasks. They perform a variety on functions depending on how they are programmed. Anyone can develop a bot using the Telegram API and any of the popular programming languages (mainly python though). This is one of the reasons I love Telegram. Here I will list some of the very important bots available on Telegram. Note that this list is by no means exhaustive.

  1. BotFather
    This is arguably the most important (Ro)Bot on Telegram as most other (Ro)Bots depend on its initial configuration. Bot father is developed by Telegram and offers programmers and the average users a means to develop their own bots based on BotFather. BotFather is the one bot to rule all other bots. It is used to create new bot accounts and manage your existing bots. BotFather is also quite easy to use.

    BotFather is the one bot to rule them all. Use it to create new bot accounts and manage your existing bots.

  2. Telegram Email
    This is also a very invaluable email service provider on Telegram. I use this Telegram Email account on most sites I don’t want to disclose my full identity or use my regular Gmail account. It offers IM email service. You get the emails delivered to your Telegram account directly. It is free for the most part. You get a custom personal email address such as <username> which you can use to send and to receive emails from anywhere. this can be used for either business purposes or personal usage.

    Telegram Email
    Assign an email address to any Telegram chat: send and receive emails., support:

  3. Fake Mail Bot
    This bot can be used to send and receive emails. The name says it all. You get five different fake email IDs. You can equally set your own custom fake email ID. All messages sent to these emails are forwarded to you on telegram.

    Fake Mail
    i will forward all the emails to you as soon as it arrives you can also reply to any email you receive. Join @robots

  4. Get Public Link Bot
    This is another very important Telegram Bot. Some of us are used to downloading files using Internet Download Manager and the likes. We don’t like downloading files directly on Telegram. This Bot will help you generate an external download link for any document file of any size and you can then download the file using your favorite download manager, with support for download resumption. Links can either be instant links or presumably links. you can equally save the files directly yo your google drive using this bot, after authenticating your GDrive to link with this bot. You can revoke this authentication at any time you wish. you can equally delete files uploaded and saved to your GDrive using this bot. It’s a feature-rich bot, very fast bot that works seamlessly, I must say. All generated download links expire in 24 hours but can be regenerated repeatedly.

    Get Public Link Bot
    Just Send Me any Document File of any SIZE i will Generate a External Link. Any Issues Read The FAQ in HELP

    Bonus: You can save your files to Unlimited cloud storage space in telegram using Tg Cloud Storage Manager apk by @getPublicLinkBot. After logging into this app, all files sent to this bot will be saved in the app and you can then edit and organize your files, save to GDrive using this app.
  5. APK Downloader
    This bot will help you download the latest free version of any android app. This app allows you to download and install any app or game for free, for any particular android version or CPU type and also download country-restricted android apps.

    APK Downloader
    Download latest version of any free android apps and games. Also check our site

  6. Music Downloader: SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube Audio Download
    This bot helps you download MP3 in 128 KBPS quality from many streaming sites like YouTube, with tags.

    Music Downloader: SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube Audio Download
    Download MP3s of tracks/sets from SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube with tags. Developer: @gpchelkin, Backup: @scdltestbot

  7. TorrentIT
    This bot helps you download torrent files over Telegram as is (maximum torrent size support of 10 GB), or over Telegram as a zip archive (maximum torrent size support of 10 GB) or over (maximum torrent size support of 20 GB). It supports any normal torrent except NSFW (Not Safe For Work) torrent files.

    Torrenting bot Support @pony0boy Donate Code:

  8. URL Uploader Bot
    This bot helps you to quickly and seamlessly upload remote files to telegram. It supports direct file URLs, Instagram URLS, magnet links, Mediafire and Google Drive URLs, with the ability to rename and zip files being uploaded.

    Torrenting bot Support @pony0boy Donate Code:

  9. Any Video Download Bot
    Just like the me suggests, this bot allows you to download video and audio from over 700 resources.

  10. Google Drive Uploader
    This bot can remotely upload any direct download file links sent to it. It uploads the files to your Google Drive and sends you a mirror link.This means you can save any and every file you come across while surfing online into your Google Drive.

    Google Drive Uploader 📤
    👉 Report Bugs: @slgdbotbugs 👉 Bot Updates: @slbotsupdates 👉 Rate me:

  11. Link For File Bot
    this bot converts any document, video or audio files sen to it and provides you a direct download link for the file.

    👉 Report Bugs: @slgdbotbugs 👉 Bot Updates: @slbotsupdates 👉 Other Bots: @slgdbot @slglbot

  12. Multipurpose Bot
    The name gives this bot away :). Check it out to discover the many functions of this bot.

    MultiPurpose Bot
    👉Report Bugs: @slgdbotbugs 👉Bot Updates: @slbotsupdates 👉Rate Me:

  13. The Trimmer Bot
    Helps you to trim streamable files or telegram videos to a desired duration and size.

    The Trimmer Bot ✂ 🤪
    HI 😃 Just send me a streamable link or a telegram file Support Group & Updates Channel 👇 @slbotsupdates

  14. Uplod Bot
    helps you to upload your direct file links or Telegram files to a remote cloud storage.

    📤 Upload Bot ⚡
    👉 Report Bugs: @slgdbotbugs 👉 Bot Updates: @slbotsupdates 👉 Rate Me:

  15. Goolge Drive Uploader Xtreme’s
    This bot will help you to upload any files from direct URL, Telegram files, YouTube and many more sites to your Google Drive storage. You can equally select the format you want for the files.

  16. Direct File Link Bot
    This bot generates direct download links of any Telegram file sent to it.

    Direct File Link Bot
    This Bot Generates Direct Download Link Of Telegram Files. Join Our Channel @DirectFileLink For Updates

  • Sammy Give Away
    This bot can send Microsoft Windows or Office real keys for activating your MS software product. All you need to do to get a key, is send a screenshot of your MS office or Windows to the bot.

    It Can Only Receive Screenshot And Number

  • Torrent X
    This bot helps you to upload files to your Google Drive or Team (Shared) Drive.

    Torrent X⚡️
    Upload torrents to your Google drive & Team drive Channel: @BotxUpdates Group: @BotxSupport

  • Controller Bot
    This is an invaluable bot for channel administrators. It helps in creation of rich posts, viewing of posts stats, supports scheduled posts, reactions and inline-keyboards, multiple admins and is completely free.

    Controller Bot
    Awesome bot for channel owners that helps you to create rich posts, view stats and more.

  • React Bot
    This bot works together with Controller Bot. It helps to automatically add comment and reactions buttons to posts on your channels.

    React Bot
    I can help you to create rich posts with reactions and comments in your channels.

  • TV Series Bot
    Contains the biggest curated collections of more than 160 TV series.

  • UTube Bot
    Download files from streaming sites like YouTube

  • File to Bot
    Helps you to save your files to unlimited private cloud storage in Telegram.

    File to bot
    Сохраняйте ваши файлы в безлимитном приватном хранилище Телеграма

  • URL Uploader
    helps to upload files to Telegram from direct URLs. You can use a custom thumbnail images and custom name for your files, with watermarks.

    URL Uploader
    A V2 URL Uploader bot from @cwprojects for uploading files to telegram via direct URL.

  • Bhadoo Leecher
    Can be used to leech files.

  • Link to Files
    Generates direct download links for files sent to it. Generated links expire within 24 hours.

    Link To Files
    Send any document to get a direct download link. Support: @LinkToFilesChat

  • Google Drive Uploader
    Allows you to remotely upload files to your cloud storage. Supported hosts include, Mediafire and Zippyshare.

    Google Drive Uploader
    You can contact @gdriveupme_bot right away.

  • Spotify Bot
    This bot allows you to download and convert tracks from your Spotify account and download your libraries and playlists in MP3 formats.

    Spotify ʙᴏᴛ🎵
    Search,listen and download tens of millions of tracks through the Spotify database.Check out @SpotifyTM for new releases

  • YoutubeDL Bot
    Downloads files/videos/music from most websites. It can download files of any size by direct links.

    Download file/video/audio from most web sites Support: @ytbdownsupport Ads(En/Ru): @pony0boy Code:

  • Shieldy
    A very feature-rich Telegram group and channel bot. Helps to fight annoying spammers and can be set to ask newcomers or new group/channel members to execute a set action within a set period, otherwise it kicks them.

    Shieldy is the best solution in Telegram to fight annoying spammers. Source:

  • Anonymize Bot
    If you need to forward messages or files to others, to other channel or groups with no indication of who or where you got the file from, this bot does a very good job.With this bot, you can completely anonymize the origin of any forwarded messages, media or files, with custom captions support.

  • Rose Bot
    This is one of the best group admin bots available. It helps you manage your groups effortlessly.

    Powerful telegram bot to help you manage your groups. @BanhammerMarie_bot's sister. Updates in @MarieNews.

  • Combot
    This is also a very efficient Telegram group management bot.

    The best and the biggest community management service for Telegram groups. Moderation, analytics, triggers, etc.

  • Telegram Bot Raw
    Need to Know your Telegram user ID, username, Telegram group or channel ID, this is the bot to use.

    Telegram Bot Raw
    ℹ️ Made by @SeanChannel

  • Google Drive X
    Helps to remotely upload files sent directly or sent through direct download links, to your Google Drive storage.

    Google Drive X⚡️
    Remotely uploads files to Google drive. Channel: @BotxUpdates Group: @BotxSupport

  • Google Drive Manager Bot
    No need to say much about this bot because the name is already all-revealing.

    ⚙️ 功能 ⁃ 网盘资源转存 ⁃ 网盘资源批量重命名 🚲 为减轻服务器负担,普通用户目前每日只能转存 70 个文件 🐦 ...

  • Google Drive Uploader 3.0
    Remotely upload files to your Google Drive and sends you the file drive link.

    Google Drive Uploader 3.0 ⚡️
    Remotely uploads files to Google Drive. Created by @cyberboysumanjay

  • Google Drive Bot
    Sme as others mentioned above.

    Google Drive Bot
    Google Drive client inside Telegram. Supports file uploads , and file management. @odbots

  • How To Find Bot
    Helps you to find all kinds of information.

    HowToFind Bot
    Assistant in OSINT. Prompts techniques and resources Channel @HowToFind 🇷🇺 @HowToFind_RU_bot 🇺🇦 @HowToFind_UA_bot

  • Quiz Bot
    This is one of my best Telegram bots. It helps you to manage your educational groups with custom quizzes with exam simulations. Currently Telegram is offering a total of 400, 000 pounds in prizes for the makers of the best quizzes.

    Quiz Bot
    Create a quiz with several multiple choice questions and test your friends.

  • Sci_hub Bot
    This is a bot for the popular Sci-hub site. It helps you to break through academic paywalls. You can use this bot to directly get your paywalled PDF research articles for free. Read my other posts here to learn more about Sci-hub.

    Официальный бот сервиса Sci-Hub. Бесплатный доступ к научным публикациям. Sci-Hub bot. Break academic paywalls

  • Gmail Bot
    Allows you to access your mails directly on Telegram.

    Gmail Bot
    With this bot you can get new emails and reply to them without leaving Telegram.

  • Comments Bot
    helps you to create posts with comments and share them on your channels or groups so your users can use.

    Comments Bot
    I can help you to create posts with comments, share them to your channels or groups.

  • BotList Bot
    Helps you to find bots.

    BotList Bot 🤖
    🇬🇧Official @BotList bot 🇪🇸Bot oficial del @BotList 🤖

  • Subtitle Bot
    Helps you to fetch movie subtitles for downloads. Just send the bot any movie name or the movie IMDB link and it will return all the available subtitle links.

    Subtitles Bot
    You can contact @GetSubtitleBot right away.

  • IMDb Bot
    This is an inline bot that can be used in any chat to return the IMDB result of any movie or series. Just type @IMDB in any chat and input the name of the movie and it returns the full IMDB report. It can also be used with the subtitle bot above to get movie subtitles.

    This bot automatically works in all your chats and groups, no need to add it anywhere. Simply type @imdb in any chat

  • TwmP GMail Bot
    Helps you to get a temporary Gmail disposable mail.

    Temp GMail
    Bot with which you will be allowed to any site. It gives you the email of a trusted GMail service.

  • Check Account Restrcitions Bot
    It’s an account checker bot that helps to check if there are any Telegram restrictions placed on any Telegram username, group or channel.

    Check Account Restrictions
    I'll help you to know what restrictions your bots, groups or channels have. ℹ Powered by @TelethonSnippets

  • Telegraph Bot
    Helps you to create and edit articles from any of your devices. You can view page view stats.

    This bot can help you log in on, manage your articles, and get page view statistics.

  • Get Media Bot
    Search and download music, video, audiobooks, ebooks, podcasts, etc. Also allows direct downloads from streaming sites.

  • GetIDs Bot
    Need to get username, group or channel ID details, then this bot does a good job.

    GetIDs Bot
    This bot gives you telegram-internal information about messages 👤 by @wjclub

  • Music Hunter Bot
    Message this bot to search a large library of music, by album, artist or all titles

    Music Hunters
    channel - @MelodicMusics @musichunterss @r0exe

  • Many More………….
  • Telegram Groups and Channels

    1. A Group of eBooks
      Offers a whole lot of ebooks across all languages and genres. It is a one-stop group destination for all your ebook needs. You can equally request for ebooks.

      Sry .. This username bfr related to " A Group Of Ebookz" public Group.. Due to some reason we make our group private... Group still active in private... For group link contact admin ...

    2. EbookzMag
      Get all your favorite magazines here.

      Ebookz [Magazine]
      You can view and join @EbookzMag right away.

    3. EBookz Collection
      Get all your favourite ebooks in collections.

      Ebookz Collections

    4. Netflix Premium Accounts

    5. Raymond Free Software- Help Group
      This is the main privacy discussion group of Raymond Free Software (RFS). Join the RFS Team Drives (TD) for loaded content.

      RFS Team Drive | This is a Mega Mega Mega Collection of Contents in over 10 Team Drive, about 350TB in size.

      Raymond Free Software-Help Group (the new piracy group)
      The main piracy discussion group for Raymond Free Software. We also have a 350TB+ Drive! Rules: Pin:

    6. Others

      Torrent Tracker Community
      Torrent tracker discussion Community Note: No invite trading/giveaways etc are allowed in group chat. Please do not ask for Tracker Invites here. Rules: ...

      RFS • Off Topic
      Raymond Free Software Off-Topic Group Main Group: @RaymondFreeSoftware

      Apk's Apps
      Official update channel for r/apksapps

      Modded Central Channel
      #game #icon #klck #klwp #kwgt #nova #sai #substratum #swift Credits to: ● All the hard working developers of apps/games ● All the releasers of the patches/mods we share If you like it, buy it... ...

      Premium APK only
      Here you will only find premium, unlocked APKs from trustable and reputed sources. No bullshit, spam and ads like many other channels do.

      Books N All
      Group for Book Lovers Only - Fiction Non fiction, magazines and Reviews Share link:

      Raymond Free Software- Cracks Mirror
      Because my site is taken down by copyright trolls before. I decided to host my cracks mirror in here along with the guide.

      All In One, full version, pre-activated, key included software and games installer/setup.

      Keygen fortress
      keygan & patch collection

      CG Persia | Connecting CG artists who want to learn, use and share latest CG softwares

      Music Archive
      Made to post your requests and much more by using @MusicHuntersBot, Spotify & TIDAL.

      Melodic Musics
      Chillstep, Liquid Dubstep, Melodic dubstep and Tropical House musics

      InFoTel Group 💻
      Tech, Telegram Bot Group 🇮🇳 List: InFoTel Rules:

      English With Masters
      ✅Groom your English and personality 🔮 Join our supergroup👇👇👇 📌 @IELTSwMasters 📍 @QuizMasters ⁉️ Send your questions to @EngWM_Bot ...

      English With Masters
      ✅Groom your English and personality 🔮 Join our supergroup👇👇👇 📌 @IELTSwMasters 📍 @QuizMasters ⁉️ Send your questions to @EngWM_Bot ...

      IELTS With Masters
      🔵Crack IELTS with Masters @IELTSwMasters 🔴Our educational supergroup👇👇👇 ⚫ @EngMasters ⚫ @QuizMasters 🔵Send your questions, ...

      📣 Quiz Masters 🇬🇧
      🇬🇧Test your English with interesting and educative quizzes ⚠️For paid ads /cross promo @EngWM_Bot Our schedule: ✅ Our partners: ...

      English With Masters
      ✅Groom your English and personality 🔮 Join our supergroup👇👇👇 📌 @IELTSwMasters 📍 @QuizMasters ⁉️ Send your questions to @EngWM_Bot ...

      English with Masters 🔰 Groom your English with Masters 🔰 You can see our online timetable here: 🔰Our channels @EngMasters @IELTSwMasters ...

      Software & Application 2
      Group ini dibina setelah group Software & Application sudah full

      Bhadoo Discussion Group
      Read Terms of Service Discuss any Problems Here about @BhadooCloud Donate: Paypal: Paytm: UPI: openupi@ybl Indian ...

      The New York Times World
      Find breaking news, world news, and multimedia on Africa, Canada, Mexico, South and Central America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Iraq.

      Perbincangan berkenaan software Adobe Photoshop @AdobePhotoshopGraphics secara basic sehingga kepada penggunaan tegar

      UDEMY FREE 4 U
      Best E-learning Channel To Get Udemy Course Free Part of @FTUchat Best Education Group On Telegram.

    7. Sharing is Caring Group | 150TB Viewers Team Drive contents | Contributors Team Drive

      Sharing Is Caring [150TB]
      We Are Here To Serve Everyone In Quarantine Time Completed 150TB of Content in Drive More to come Stay Safe, Stay Home

      News, discussions and help for all GNU/Linux Distributions! Group rules (Please read before joining): @SiRules Rules TL;DR 1. Read the full rules at @SiRules there is no TL;DR 2. Read them again This ...

      E Books ♡ [ English ]
      Notes: No books posted without request. Request: @OrderEbooks

      BollyFlix.Me - Official Group By Admin 😍
      Download New HD Movies and WEB Series Visit How to Download :

      FrontEnd Development
      Полезные ссылки иHTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React, Vue, Node.js, Mobile и многое другое. Администратор: @andrey2019 Donate: ...

      Google Drive 无限容量
      本群提供无限容量 Google Drive 申请方法、大电影小电影电子书无损音乐等资源。 This group provides ways to get unlimited storage Google Drive. 推荐: 📢 @voice_google ...

      Book House RRRS Group
      A group for Rating, Reviewing, Requesting and Sharing the books on @Book_House_International Rules :

      Moviewalker Series
      Disclaimer : We don't upload / Download movies / Drama / Songs , We post the Stuff that are already available on Internet or Telegram.. If you own the copyrights of any stuff, we will remove it ...

      Piracy Request Club
      Stuff request & support group offtopic:

      Curator Movies [ #CuratorS ]
      Official channel of #CuratorS Request your fav content Our official channel for wallpapers =>

      CuratorS Crew
      Chat group of : @netflix_movies_series_web @New_Animation_Movies_HD @Curator_movies @Norex_Cinemas @Netflix_crew Mail us at Request Your Movie/Web Series Here.

      The factory for your favourite walls. ❤️❤️ Channel created :- 16 January 2020 Official movie chnl:- @Curator_Movies Official Tricks group:- @CrackersPack

      Computer Softwares And Games Plus Hacks And Tricks ⭐️🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

      Computer softwares new Windows new office any virus all computer tips & knowledge Please 5 star rating Thank you! Your review is now published to

      Learning Computer Basics

      IELTS Council آیلتس
      Channel's Guide 👇 گروه آیلتس پک 👇 فقط جهت تبلیغات موسسات آموزشی و مهاجرتی پیام ...

      IELTS Academy🐾
      🦉 There's a NINER within YOU ✒️Beyond plagiarism ⚜️ Writing Tips 7+ ⚜️ Speaking Vocabulary 8+ ⚜️ Reading & Listening hints +9 19.03.19 Kitob Chiqarish @ieltsprint 📚 ...

      MOVIES WORLD ...
      🔰 DISCLAIMER 🔰 We do not own any content posted. We only share those files which are already shared by somebody else on the Internet If you own the copyrights of any stuff intimate us with ...

      🎬 ...

      You can view and join @learnwebpremiumnew right away.

      Network Learning
      This channel is about Network. You can find all types of practical training,Books,Videos in English in all fields of Network,Security,Hack,AWS,Storage,Virtualization,Cloud,Penetration testing,Dump ...

      کانال رسمی بیست اسکریپت براي سفارش نصب اسکریپت می توانید با واحد پشتیبانی در تماس باشید @snaptu سفارش ...

      🇹ᴴᴱ 🇲ᴏᴠɪᴇ 🇧ᴀʀɴs
      🚫Not an Official handle ! ⚠️Channel Disclaimer: All The Content in this Channel is Either forwarded From Other Channels Or Taken From the Internet, we Don't Own Any Content.🚫 ❌No ...

    8. Audio Hive | Get Audio Books

      click #audiobook #menu Check out our other channels here: @audiohive help - chat - @audoroom Don't forget to search 😝 @blarkhive

      Audio book classics
      Your favorite audiobooks at one place..... The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who can't read! Admin : @Audiobookclassic_bot Ebooks: @bookwormET

    9. Animation Movies

      Disclaimer : We donot upload / Download movies / Drama / Songs , We post the Stuff that are already available on Internet or Telegram.. If you own the copyrights of any stuff, we will remove it For ...

      Welcome to AutoRclone The github is at Feel free to ask around with queries/suggestions or anything related to AutoRclone.

      ❤️We don't Own Any Content We Post The Content Which is Already On The Internet ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Private Link:- ...

      Books Mania
      This channel is for Teachers and Students and Readers 🚹 Group: @share_us FOR MORE INFORMATION ℹ️

      Must Leak
      Everything we see we leak . #Money #Apps #Softwares #Free Stuffs . Name it and Something must Leak ! The only Legit channel that shares what works @mustleak @binland Contact @mustleakbot

      Unlike other channels, I don't flood my channel with useless apps.Iupload apps and tutorials that I've used which i consider useful. It's everything you'll ever want and it's ...

      Data Science by
      First Telegram Data Science channel. Covering all technical and popular staff about anything related to Data Science: AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, Statistics, general Math and the applications of ...

      🍂 Part Of Box Family 🍂 ✨ DM @PaidPromoRobot For Any Query . ✨

      Programming eBooks
      This channel is for Programmers, Coders, Software Engineers.

    10. Video Courses

      Lynda Course
      Lynda zips

      Lynda Courses
      Lynda courses Repository: * Developer * IT * Web

      🇹 🇻 SERIES🇮 🇳
      Unlimited & Continuous Supply Of Your Favorite TV Series From All Languages. Search For TV Shows, Download & Enjoy. Join Our Movies Channel : @moviesin Unlimited Shows !!

      iMediaShare Official Channel
      About Us: We Are Providing Free Movies, TV Shows, Music, Apps, ETC... And We Are Doing It With Only One Goal! To Help As Many People Possible. To Advertise On Our Channels Contact @iMSAds To Become A ...

      VorTech Softwares
      Welcome everyone. On this channel we're sharing all pc program's and softwares, @vortechpc Find out more about us: Our main channel - @VorTech

      Book House International ®️™️
      Greatest Collection of Cherry-picked National and International Bestsellers from Goodreads and NYT including Pulitzer & Man Booker Prize Winners & Awesome Audiobooks. Join today for the Love ...

      Авторские репаки от elchupacabra -


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