How to Limit Your Computer’s Internet Data Consumption using TripMode

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Often times, we find out that we quickly run out of internet data, when browsing on our PCs. This could be a result of several applications running in the background, automatic windows updates e.t.c. It has thus become imperative that you know how to limit your computer’s internet data consumption.

Do you notice your internet data subscription gets exhausted once you connect to your PC?

Are you constrained by prohibitive Internet data subscription costs?

Are you battling with several apps, windows update and system services maxing out your bandwidth at the expense of your important software needs?

Do you frequently use use phone data as hotspot to connect your PC?

Do you rely on limited or capped data bundles for your internet surfing both on mobile and PC?

Then this post is for you and many others in similar situations.

This is most important for those of us who are constrained by prohibitive internet data subscription costs, capped or limited data allocation and capped internet bandwidth. You would agree with me that it can be very annoying and disappointing when you exhaust the little data you have left few minutes after connecting your PC to the internet either via a mobile hotspot, a router, a MiFi, or even a direct LAN connection.

Advantages of Using TripMode

  1. TripMode saves us money spent on internet data subscriptions.
  2. When using a slow internet network, it helps to ensure a faster browsing and downloading experience by blocking background processes, systems and applications that compete for bandwidth.
  3. It stops unnecessary background processes and application updates from exhausting your data and internet speed.
  4. It can work on both Windows and Mac, with any WiFi or ethernet network, mobile hotspot or MiFi device, and 3G/4G modems.

Features of TripMode

Block unwanted data hogs
Only apps that you’ve selected are allowed to access the Internet. The rest is blocked.
Save data automatically
TripMode activates itself on networks where you’ve turned it on before. Set it, then forget it.
Track your data usage
See the data used per app, session, day, and month. Spot the data-hungry apps.
Set the limits*
Set a daily/weekly/monthly cap. All traffic stops when you reach it. Never exceed your data limit again!
Schedule it*
Plan on what day(s) of the week and time TripMode should turn itself on automatically

* Mac version only


There are several software applications on the market that we can use to achieve this. However, I would be recommending TripMode. This is because of its ease of use and its efficiency. It consumes minimal system resources, runes in the background and has auto-switch-on feature once it detects a previously connected network. It is available for both Mac and Windows PC.

How to Limit Your Computer's Internet Data Consumption using TripMode
Switch on the Filter Toggle to make TripMode active.

TripMode in Action

Watch this gif to See TripMode in Action.

How to Get TripMode

TripMode is available for purchase from the website at a token of 7.99 dollars. Support the developer by paying this token amount. Trust me, you would get a very good value for money well spent!.

For those who cannot afford to buy this software, EduTechTainMent got you covered!. Visit the EduTechTainMent Telegram Channel or the direct windows 64 bit version download link or the Mac Version link to download the software.

How to Use TripMode

Install the application. Don’t run it initially. Copy the patch to the programs installation directory (usually in C drive). Apply the patch. Note that you may get a false-positive result by your antivirus. This shouldn’t be a bother. Remember that you are installing a patch so it’s only normal for your antivirus program to flag the patch as a possible threat.

After patching, run the program. It gets minimised into your system tray. Tap to switch on TripMode. Go to settings and untick “automatically check for updates” and “check for updates at startup“.

How to Limit Your Computer's Internet Data Consumption using TripMode
Untick the Updates option in TripMode Settings

Tick the checkbox to “open TripMode at login”. Now you are good to go. Anytime you are browsing, TripMode will automatically limit the applications that have access to your internet data. The TripMode app icon changes to red, indicating that it is actively controlling your apps access to the internet.

To enable internet data access for an app or service, just select the app/service under the TripMode interface. In the screenshot below, Google Chrome and Nord VPN are allowed to access my internet data network while Telegram desktop and MegaSync are denied access my Internet data.

How to Limit Your Computer's Internet Data Consumption using TripMode
TripMode allowing only Chrome and NordVPN access to internet Data


This is an invaluable software application for those who are constrained by prohibitive data costs and those seeking to have absolute control of their bandwidth. Visit EduTechTainMent for more of such wonderful information. Don’t forget to use the subscription box below to get notified whenever such informative posts are published on EduTechTainMent.

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