How to Make Your Personal Heroku Aria2 Torrent Leecher | 2020

Introduction |

Hello guys. Today I will be guiding you guys on how to make your personal heroku aria2 torrent leecher. With this method you can download torrents directly to your Google Drive or TD. Now that we have all learnt how to setup Rclone config on our Windows PC, let’s begin learning about the many innovative and useful ways we can make use of our Rclone configs.

Advantages of this Method

  1. You can download torrents directly into your cloud storage- Google Drive, Team Drives and One Drive.
  2. The download process is relatively very fast.

How to Make Your Personal Aria2 Torrent Leecher

  1. Visit Heroku site and register an account. I won’t be talking about what Heroku is in this post.
  2. Registration is FREE. Just ensure that while registering, you choose your role as a Professional developer and your primary programming language as GO. If you already have a Heroku account, all the better.
  3. Go to this GitHub repository and click on Deploy Heroku.
  4. Choose a name for your app in the Heroku page. Ensure that the name starts with a small case letter. You will be notified if the name is available or not. If it’s the latter, choose another alternative name for your app. Leave the default region set to the USA.
  5. Choose a secret key for your app. Input your app name again into the Heroku_app_name box.
  6. Copy your Rclone config settings into the Rclone_config box. Ensure you escape line breaks with a backslash + n (\n). Don’t include your Rclone remote name in the copied config.
  7. Enter the destination path you want your torrent files to download into. It should begin with a backslash.
  8. Click to deploy your app. Once you see a successful deployment message, you can then choose to view your app or manage it.
  9. When you click to view the app, you will be prompted to provide your Aria2 secret key which you chose earlier on. Input your secret key.
  10. Then click on “Go to AriaNG Panel”. If you input the wrong key, you will get an authentication error message.
  11. Click on “New” to add a torrent magnet link to download into your Google Drive in the directory you specified during the initial Aria2 setup.
  12. Visit any torrent site and copy the magnet link of the file you want to download. Paste it into the box in the Aria2. You can paste as many links as you like. Then click on Download Now. You can also choose to Download Later.
  13. To ensure your downloaded torrent files get uploaded to your Google drive, input your client_id and client_in your Rclone config file in the Heroku Rclone_Config box.
  14. That’s all!!! Your torrent files will be downloaded directly into your specified directory in either your Google Drive or Team Drive.

Read this my other post to learn how to setup Rclone on both Windows PC and mobile. Don’t forget to use the subscription box below to get notified whenever we publish such informative guides on EduTechTainMent.

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