How to Mount and Manage Your Cloud/Remote Drives on Your Local PC

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Hello guys. Today I will show you guys how to mount and manage your cloud/remote drives on your local PC. Cloud storage is the rave of the moment. There are many cloud storage providers now available- Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Box, MEGA, Baidu, etc. There are applications we can use to easily manage our remote files on Google Drive, Google Shared drives, Google Photos, OneDrive, SharePoint, Dropbox, Box, pCloud, Yandex Disk, MEGA, AWS, Azure, GCP, NCP, WebDAV, SFTP, FTP, etc.

How to Mount and Manage Your Cloud/Remote Drives on Your Local PC | Method 1- RaiDrive

The first method I will be discussing is RaiDrive. RaiDrive is a popular application that you can use to mount many remote disks. The standard version if free for life and allows you to mount a maximum of eight (8) remote disks. With RaiDrive, your remote disks are mounted on your PC just like your local disks and you can access them, and navigate through the files and folders easily just like you would your normal local disks.

The software also comes with several add-ons for additional functionality. But the basic free plan is more than adequate for your needs. If you want the cracked software, visit this link. RaiDrive professional is subscription based. With RaiDrive, you can play, edit, and copy folders and files with favorite desktop applications without synchronization or a web browser. Ensure you install the necessary add-ons for RaiDrive to work i.e. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 and later or Microsoft Visual C++, depending on whether you are using Windows 7 or 10 respectively.

Currently, RaiDrive is offering a subscription package to support individuals and organizations during the Covid-19 outbreak, To enjoy this offer, visit the Raidrive website and click on the red Covid-19 link at the navigation menu above. Thereafter, click on the “Apply free session”. You must, however, have a currently active subscription to enjoy this offer.

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How to Mount and Manage Your Cloud/Remote Drives on Your Local PC | Method 2- Air Explorer

This is arguably amongst the best software available for mounting your remote drives on your local PC, allowing management of all your cloud storage accounts with one app. The software is available both for Windows and Mac. Air Explorer allows you to transg=fer files from cloud to cloud, from cloud to local storage (with copy and paste or drag and drop), synchronisation between cloud storages, automate file transfer and backups.

Air Explorer offers a windows explorer-like cloud manager interface, so windows user can easily navigate through their cloud storages. It also offers searching across all your cloud storages.

Air Explorer can also encrypt files when they are being uploaded on the cloud, and decrypt them when they are downloaded. It supports all the major cloud storage service providers. You can playback your media files directly from the cloud.

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The basic version is free while the Pro version has many additional features (see chart below). To download the cracked Pro version, visit this link. If the crack gets deactivated and your subscription gets downgraded back to the basic plan, just reapply the patch, and you are good to go. Don’t update the app though. EduTechTainMent will post another crack for the next available update. Stay tuned to this blog. You can use Air Explorer to share files on your cloud storage with other people without. To add cloud accounts to your Air Explorer app, click on the “Accounts” tab and follow the prompts.

How to use Air Explorer

How to Mount and Manage Your Cloud/Remote Drives on Your Local PC | Method 3- Air Live Drive

This is another very good software. It is similar to Air Explorer. It mounts the cloud storages like local disks on your PC, just like RaiDrive. The difference is that, Air Live Drive lists this cloud storages using its own interface unlike RaiDrive that lists them under your local PC.

Air Live Drive allows you to mount your cloud disks as local drives on your computer and work on your cloud files using programs and tools installed on your local PC, avoiding the need for a synchronization process. This is why it is called Air Live Drive. It thus allows you to save space on your local PC drives, without the need to duplicate your cloud storage on your local PC drives.

Air Live Drive supports many of the popular cloud storages and you can mount multiple cloud storage from the same providers. The free version allows you to mount single cloud storage while the Pro version allows you to mount multiple cloud storage. You can playback your media files directly from the cloud. Ensure you save all your files before disconnecting from Air Live Drive. If you are a website administrator, you can equally mount and manage your site files via FTP using Air Live Drive.

Air Live Drive requires Dokan library to be installed. Dokan is an open-source library that allows the creation of file systems. It should automatically be installed when you install Air Live Drive, but if Air Live Drive shows a message saying that it can not find the Dokan library you can install it from here. To add cloud accounts to your Air Explorer app, click on the “Add Cloud Disk” tab and follow the prompts.

How to Mount and Manage Your Cloud/Remote Drives on Your Local PC
Comparison of Air Live Drive Subscriptions


There are several such similar software available. I will be updating this post regularly to showcase the other applications. Visit EduTechTainMent regularly for more of such informative posts and don’t forget to use the subscription box below to get notified when such interesting posts are published here. Read this post to get your own personal unlimited Google Team Drive Cloud storage.


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