Earn Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification


Microsoft is offering their Azure Cloud Fundamentals Certification for FREE. Follow my guide below to know how to earn Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification for free. The course is aimed at improving understanding of Microsoft Azure cloud concepts. The description on the Microsoft website is given below:

What you will Learn

The course will cover general cloud computing concepts as well as general cloud computing models and services such as public, private, and hybrid cloud and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and software-as-a-service (SaaS). It will also cover some core Azure services and solutions, as well as key Azure pillar services concerning security, privacy, compliance, and trust. Finally, it will cover pricing and support services available with Azure.

Modules covered:

Module 0 – Introduction to Azure

Module 1 – Cloud concepts

Cloud computing characteristics

Cloud model comparison

Types of cloud services

Module 2 – Core Azure services

Core Azure architectural components

Configuring IaaSCore Azure services and products

Azure management solutions

Module 3 – Security, privacy, compliance, and trust


Azure security services

Privacy and compliance

Azure Trust Center

Module 4 – Azure pricing and support

Azure subscriptions

Pricing and purchasing

Billing zones

ToolsSupport plans

Earn Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification
Earn Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification

How to Earn Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification

Time needed: 3 days.

How To Earn the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification

  1. Register on Microsoft Website

    The course will be taken in three parts. To qualify for the free voucher to take the certification exam at the end of the course, you need to register for all parts of the module. The modules will commence by 11th May, 2020.

  2. Register for the 1st Part

    Training: Azure 900 fundamentals for education, part 1 covering modules 0 and 1, scheduled for May 11th 2020.

  3. Register for the 2nd Part

    Training: Azure 900 fundamentals for education, part 2, covering modules 2 and 3, and scheduled for May 12th 2020.

  4. Register for 3rd Part

    Training: Azure 900 fundamentals for education, part 3, covering modules 3 (continued) and module 4, and scheduled for May 13th, 2020.


Only those who register for and attend all three days of the training will qualify for a free voucher to take the AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification exam.

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Happy Learning!!!

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