Is Sci-Hub Down? How to Find and Use Other Sci-hub Mirror Sites

Today I will be discussing how to find out the functional Sci-hub website to use, when the particular site you visit is down. Sci-hub provides “free” access to millions of research papers in the world. Sometimes Sci-hub users are faced with the challenges of not knowing an alternative Sci-hub mirror site to use, especially when the only one they know is currently down. The huge frustration is better imagined than experienced, especially when you have a deadline to meet in submitting that manuscript or research paper. A mirror site is an exact replica of a website, containing exactly the same content as the primary/parent website. The mirror site runs on a different server, has a different IP address, and a different domain name (URL). 

How To Import PDF Files Into Mendeley Desktop
Today I will be discussing how to import Portable Document Format (PDF) files into Mendeley Desktop on PC. This post is being made at this time due to popular demand. In subsequent posts, I will be explaining in details, with step-by-step pictorial guide on how to make use of various citation managers like Mendey, Endnote, Zotero.These are indispensable tools which make writing out research articles easy and fun to do. They can be used to in-text citations, create reference/ bibliography, change citation formats depending on the publishers requirements etc. One can choose from thousands of citation styles ranging from Havard, American Psychological Association (APA), Vancouver, Nature, MLA, etc. These citation managers are so feature rich and realy simplifies the work. Just imagine having to do all the above manually.Now back to the topic of this post. Step 1: Create a new folder under Mendeley Desktop into which you will be importing your PDF files especially heavy ones like Textbooks. Click on the folder icon with a green cross on the top of the Mendeley Desktop window, just…
How To Use Sci-hub To Download Journal Articles

Today I will be discussing a very important topic. The outcome of a good research work depends on it. I will be explaining how to source for and download paid journal articles/research work for free. Often times while surfing the Internet for research materials, we come across some very good research works we would love to use in our own work. We may desire to cite the publication, reference it, include it in our discussions of the literature review of our research, or even adopt or adapt the methodology used in that particular research work and replicate same in our research, etc.

How To Get Quality Lecture/Study Resource Materials of Your Favourite Textbooks Using Elsevier’s Evolve
Today I will be discussing about how you can source for, download and use quality lecture resource materials of your favourite texts.To the Lecturer: Do you have a favourite textbook you usually read and make use of when preparing your lectures to be delivered to your students.To the Student: Do you also have a favourite textbook you read or do you know the title or author of the favourite textbooks your lecturers use in their lectures or that they recommend for you to read. Don't worry.Today you will learn how to source for and get quality resource materials based on your favourite textbooks, irrespective of whether you are a student or a lecturer. However, there is only one condition to be met. The texts have to be published by Elsevier. Do not be dissapointed. you will find out that you will equally most likely benefit from this. Elsevier is a house-hold name i.e they are very popular. They are the publishers of over 2500 journals and more than 33000 book titles. They also provide web-based digital solutions…
How to Install Mendeley Desktop on Windows PC
Today I will be explaining how to install Mendeley Desktop on your windows PC and have it up and running. I guess we all know what Mendeley is, if you don't, then read this post to know what it is. Follow these steps below:Step 1: Download the Mendeley Desktop installation file for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux 32 bit OS.Step 2: After installing the Mendeley Desktop application downloaded from the above link, the next step is to download and install the Mendeley Web Importer for chrome browser, Moxilla Firefox browser depending on your browser choice.Step 3: The last step is to install the Microsoft Office or LibreOffice Mendeley Citation Plug-in. This can easily be done through the Mendeley Desktop application installed in step 1 above. Open the Desktop application, go to the tools tab on the application and click on "Install MS Word Plugin". Ensure your MS Word is closed before installing the Mendeley MS Word Citation plugin.That is all. Start enjoying the use of your Reference Manager Software- Mendeley 
How to Insert Multiple In-Text Citations In MS Word using Mendeley
Today I will be discussing how to insert multiple in-text citations in MS Word using Mendeley. We can use Mendeley to insert single or multiple in-text citations when the need arises. It is quite simple and straight forward. Follow the steps below to insert multiple in-text citations:1. With your word processor application open (for example MS Word) type in words you need to cite from multiple sources, and then click on ALT + M key on your keyboard. This opens a Mendeley dialog box on your MS Word application.2. In the search bar of the dialog box, type in the name of the author or the title of the article you need to cite. When you are done selecting the article, click on the ENTER key on your keyboard. This chooses the article to be inserted into the MS Word as in-text citation.3. Repeat step 2 above again to select and choose another reference source to cite. Repeat the process multiple times to select multiple references to insert as in-text citations. 4. When you are done…
How to Choose a Reference Management Software to Use

Today I will be discussing about factors to consider when making a choice of the Reference Management Software to use.  

There are many Reference Managers available and one is spoiled for choice. Factors that determine ones choice of a Reference Management Software include:

  1. Ease of use: some researchers prefer Reference Managers with a relatively less steeper learning curve and easy to setup and use.
  2. Recommendation: It is also most likely that some will go for a Reference Manager recommended by friends and colleagues. This ensures they have someone readily available and willing to guide them through the initial setup and use.


How to Generate and Insert Bibliography into Your Articles Using Mendeley Desktop
Today, I will be explaining how to generate and insert bibliography into your articles using Mendeley Desktop. This is so easy to accomplish with just a click. It saves one a whole lot of stress encountered when creating bibliographies manually. It also offers the advantage of quick and easy editing and reformatting to suit changes in bibliographic and referencing styles. In addition, it helps to ensure that your bibliography only contains articles you have cited in your work.To generate bibliographies using Mendeley Desktop, ensure you have imported articles/references you wish to use in your bibliohraphy into Mendeley and have cited them in your work using in-text citations formatted as Mendeley fields. If you are new to Mendeley, and wish to learn how to do this, read this post. follow the below steps to generate and insert bibliohraphy into your articles:Step 1: Ensure you have selected the citation style you wish to use in your article. This can be done by clicking on the REFERENCES tab on MS Word. Under the Mendeley-Cite-O-Matic box, click on STYLE to select from the…
What are Reference Managers?
Today I will be discussing about Reference Managers. They are also commonly referred to as Reference Management Softwares, Citation managers, biliography managers. These are web tools or standalone desktop applications used to collect, organize, cite, and share research either as an individual, a group or as a company. In the past, researchers had to manually search for articles, keep notes of the cited articles for references, manually generate and format bibliographies and collaborative research was difficult. With technological advancement and the advent of Reference Managers, all these aforementioned tasks can now be done more conveniently with ease, efficiency and it is time saving. Rapid expansion in the world of scientific research has been the major driving force behind the development of Reference Mangement Softwares. There are many Reference managers available and one is spoiled for choice. Factors that determine ones choice of a Reference Management Software are discussed in this post.A Reference Manager that is a web tool has a web based application examples are Mendeley, Endnote, Zotero, etc while those that are standalone desktop…
How to Insert Single In-Text Citations in MS Word Using Mendeley Desktop
Today, I will be explaining how to use Mendeley Desktop for in-text citations in MS Word, Ensure you have Mendeley Desktop fully up and running on your PC . In addition, ensure you have carried out detailed literature searches and have imported the references/articles you wish to cite into your Mendeley account. Thereafter, follow the following steps to create in-text citations in your MS word document:Step 1: Ensure you have Mendeley Desktop installed, up and running on your PC, you have carried out a preliminary literature search and imported the articles/references into your Mendeley account. In addition, ensure you have MS Word installed.Step 2: Select the citation style you wish to use in your article. This can be done by clicking on the REFERENCES tab on MS Word. Under the Mendeley-Cite-O-Matic box, click on Style to select from the various citation styles in the drop down list that appears. You can decide to choose the APA, Havard, IEEE, Vancouver, etc citation styles depending on your choice. This will help to ensure your in-text citations are formatted according…