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[Give-Away] Fundamentals of Animation Course
Introduction | Aaron Blaise is giving out his Fundamentals of Animation course for free. Aaron Blaise is a veteran in the animation industry who has over 20 years of experience working at Disney. He was involved in highly successful and popular projects such as The Lion King, Brother Bear and Mulan. In this comprehensive course, he will walk you through the key principles of animation. What you get The course covers the 12 principles of animation. The course will be invaluable to both traditional animators and those into computer animation. This course includes 13 HD Video Tutorials covering:* Squash & Stretch* Timing* Solid Drawing* Anticipation* Follow Through + Overlapping Action* Arcs* “Slow Ins” & “Slow Outs”* Straight Ahead Animation* Pose to Pose Animation* Secondary Action* Staging* Exaggeration* Appeal* PLUS A full lesson on Biped (Two Legged) Walk cycle animation* PLUS A full tutorial on Bipedal Run animation How to Get the Fundamentals of Animation Course Bundle Visit the website link and register. Add the course bundle to your cart and check out. Conclusion Hurry up and grab…