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[CyberSecurity] ICSI Certified Network Security Specialist Certification
Introduction The International Cyber Security Institute (ISCI) is a UK registered and accredited, ISO 27001 certified CyberSecurity education firm. Today I will be showing you guys how to get an ICSI Certified Network Security Specialist Certification for FREE. ICSI offers one of the best-accredited CyberSecurity certifications available. The Certified Network Security Specialist Certification originally cost 500 pounds! CyberSecurity, as taught by ICSI, has become very important given the frequent breaches in security and the paucity of qualified professionals in the field. Furthermore, academic institutions focus more on theoretical aspects, in contrast to the Hands-on Practical Training offered by ICSI. Courses in ICSI are taught by professional practicing CyberSecurity experts, and the core courses are accredited by world-recognized bodies such as CREST and the National CyberSecurity Centre (NCSC) in the UK. The courses are also accredited by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), UK. Course Contents The following are included in this CyberSecurity course: EbookModular structure- student-directed pathKnowledge checks at the end of each module and courseLab-guided exercises and answer files (not included in this package)Six…