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How to Extract Emails From Service Account (SA) Files
Introduction | Hi guys. How to Extract Emails From Service Account (SA) Files is our topic for today. There are several ways to successfully accomplish this. It's been a while I published any posts on here. I have been overwhelmed with some other activities. Without much ado, let's dive in. Well I assume we are all familiar with what Service Accounts (SA) are. Just to briefly recap, SA function like your regular google mail accounts and can be used to bypass the daily upload limit set by Google at 750 GB. Using AutoRclone or Folderclone we can generate SA to use in our projects when we wish to bypass this daily limit. Each Google account can create a maximum of 12 projects and each project can in turn generate a maximum of 100 SA. This in effect means each project can be used to upload up to (750GB multiplied by 100) 75 TB of data daily. Now imagine what you can accomplish if you have up to 12 projects, all with SA. We need to…