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Get 1 Month Free MEGA Pro or Business Account | Sept. 2021
Introduction | Hey guys. Today I will show you guys how to Get 1 Month Free MEGA Pro or Business Account. It's been a long time since I shared any posts on here. I have been overwhelmed with other duties. Anyways now I am back with a bang!!! Get 1 Month Free MEGA Pro or Business Account Without wasting much time, let's dive in. MEGA is offering a 1 Month Free MEGA Pro or Business Account to all users from Spain. This was shared yesterday on Twitter by the verified MEGA Twitter handle. The offer is available over the next 72 hours (2 days from the date of this post). To avail yourself of this opportunity, follow the following steps: Visit this link.Since this offer is made available to users in Spain, for best results, you can make use of a VPN and set your IP to SpainEnter your email for the MEGA account you wish to use. You will receive a voucher link sent to the provided email address. Open the email and click…
How To Use Sci-hub To Download Journal Articles

Today I will be discussing a very important topic. The outcome of a good research work depends on it. I will be explaining how to source for and download paid journal articles/research work for free. Often times while surfing the Internet for research materials, we come across some very good research works we would love to use in our own work. We may desire to cite the publication, reference it, include it in our discussions of the literature review of our research, or even adopt or adapt the methodology used in that particular research work and replicate same in our research, etc.