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Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 3 – What is Google Suite?
Introduction | Welcome to the third part of these series: Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 3 - What is Google Suite? Google suite is a sort of hybrid of the regular free Google Drive. It is mainly for businesses and educational institutions. It offers all features found in regular Google Drive and much much more. Google Suite for Education is designed for students and educators. Many businesses and educational institutions make use of the Google Suite Enterprise, which offers unlimited Google Drive Storage space in addition to other perks. ...
Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 2 – Regular Google Drive
Welcome to part 2 of these series: Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 2 - Regular Google Drive. In this part, we shall talk about the regular Google drive storage. Introduction | Google offers a free tier of its cloud drive storage for free. Each client who signs up for a Gmail account is eligible for 15GB of Google Drive storage space. This is a very good offer. Most competitors don't offer this much. This storage space is shared by your Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail. If you want more than the free 15GB, you will have to upgrade to a Google One account, which comes with extra storage space and additional features. Google One offers 100GB, 200GB, and 2TB storage spaces at 1.99 dollars/month, 2.99 dollars per month, and 9.99 dollars/month, respectively, for each of the storage capacities. Business owners requiring more storage space can opt for Drive Enterprise, offering more features and pay-as-you-use at 8 dollars/user/month plus 1 dollar/25GB. Now let's dive into Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 2 - Regular…
Google Drive Cloud Storage | Part 1 – General Introduction
Introduction | We shall be discussing Google Drive Cloud Storage. The world as we used to know it, is fast changing. This isn't unrelated to the exponential growth of education and by extension, technology. This growth ushered in a new era wherein there is an increasing need to store the ever-increasing amount of data being generated each minute. To further support this need, the changes experienced in internet connectivity capabilities also helped to push this need. The world has moved away from the traditional on-premise method of storage of hard copies of files backups to the more robust off-site digital storage, allowing for more security, seamless access, collaboration, retrieval, and modifications of data on-the-go, across all manners of divides. This off-site storage of data is what is commonly referred to as Cloud Storage. The focus of this post is on one of the popular providers of cloud storage services- Google. Google Drive Cloud Storage Difference Between On-Premise Storage and Off-site Cloud Storage On-premise storage is the one most people are familiar with. We all have…