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How to Limit Your Computer’s Internet Data Consumption using TripMode
Introduction | Often times, we find out that we quickly run out of internet data, when browsing on our PCs. This could be a result of several applications running in the background, automatic windows updates e.t.c. It has thus become imperative that you know how to limit your computer's internet data consumption. Do you notice your internet data subscription gets exhausted once you connect to your PC? Are you constrained by prohibitive Internet data subscription costs? Are you battling with several apps, windows update and system services maxing out your bandwidth at the expense of your important software needs? Do you frequently use use phone data as hotspot to connect your PC? Do you rely on limited or capped data bundles for your internet surfing both on mobile and PC? Then this post is for you and many others in similar situations. This is most important for those of us who are constrained by prohibitive internet data subscription costs, capped or limited data allocation and capped internet bandwidth. You would agree with me that it…