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How to Use Ottobib to Generate References of Books Cited

Today I will be explaining how to get the reference or bibliography of books cited in our articles, all well formatted according to a Citation Style Language (CSL) of our choice. Often times, we use books as a reference source when wrting our articles, and as such the need to cite such sources arise.  This may be a daunting task for some of us. Don't worry, EduTechTainMent is here to show an easy way out. 

Ottobib 1 is a free online resource we can use to make a bibliography of books cited using just the International Standard Book Number (ISBN). The ISBN is a unique, standardized number assigned to various editions, versions and variations of a book. This means that, a particular book has a unique numeric digits assigned to each of its different editions and variations or versions, whether hardcovers, electronic book versions, or paper-back versions, with the exception of reprints.