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How to Find Stuff Online Like a Pro | Softwares, Courses, and Many More
Today I am going to be discussing how to find stuff online like a Pro- Softwares, Courses, and Many More. This tutorial is coming up at this time based on popular demand. Introduction Often times we find out that we need some resources from the internet. We are at a loss where to start searching from, which website to visit and what not. We most ultimately settle down to use the Good 'ol Google search. Yes your guess is as good as mine! We are also going to be using Google for this guide. Google is arguably the most commonly used search engine all over the world. It has proved to be a very powerful tool in the hands of those who know their ways around it. Don't worry, this guide isn't going to be about lots of coding. You just need to type in ONE line of search queries. That's all!! Understanding what a Top Level Domain (TLD) is Websites need to have a domain name that points to their IP address. Several of…