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JetBrains Academy | Learn to Program
Introduction | JetBrains, the popular software company is offering aspiring and professional programmers an opportunity to learn and apply their programming skills in building real-life projects. The company just launched a new project named JetBrains Academy, that offers to provide an avenue for people to Learn to Program by Creating Working Applications. The academy currently boasts of 65, 844 registered users, 737 topics and 60 projects so far!. It offers users an opportunity to learn Python, Java and Kotlin programming languages in its academy. JetBrains Academy | Learn to Program JetBrains Academy | Learn to Program | Python Programming Follow this link to learn Python programming. The full Python track covers 34 hours and will cover the following concepts: Python Introduction to Python Code style Data types and operations Collections Functions Simple programs Modules and packages Control flow statements Math Django Implementation of basic algorithms Object-oriented programming Builtins Working with files Dev tools IDE Essentials Binary number system Web technologies Software design and architecture Command line SQL Regular expressions Encoding standards Algorithms Intro to algorithms Search algorithms Sorting algorithms String algorithms Hashing HTML & CSS HTML JetBrains Academy | Learn to Program | Java Programming Follow this link to learn Java programming. The…