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What are Reference Managers?
Today I will be discussing about Reference Managers. They are also commonly referred to as Reference Management Softwares, Citation managers, biliography managers. These are web tools or standalone desktop applications used to collect, organize, cite, and share research either as an individual, a group or as a company. In the past, researchers had to manually search for articles, keep notes of the cited articles for references, manually generate and format bibliographies and collaborative research was difficult. With technological advancement and the advent of Reference Managers, all these aforementioned tasks can now be done more conveniently with ease, efficiency and it is time saving. Rapid expansion in the world of scientific research has been the major driving force behind the development of Reference Mangement Softwares. There are many Reference managers available and one is spoiled for choice. Factors that determine ones choice of a Reference Management Software are discussed in this post.A Reference Manager that is a web tool has a web based application examples are Mendeley, Endnote, Zotero, etc while those that are standalone desktop…