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How to Use Unpaywall
Introduction | Today I will walk us through how to use Unpaywall to access millions of Open Access copies of Paywalled Journal articles easily. Researching hers are often faced with the problem of how to search for articles and journals they wish to use in their works, more so now they have a huge number of paywall restricted and Open Access journal articles to search and select from. Libraries in developing countries are constrained by lack of funds, so subscriptions to scientific journals is almost non-existent and even where available, are not regular and also poorly maintained. Researchers in these countries are thus left with no other choice but to source alternatives. The number of Open Access journal articles is fast increasing as more publishers embrace the concept of Open Access to scientific research articles. It would be a Herculean task for researchers to have to surf through thousands of publisher journals and millions of articles. While paywall restricted journal articles can be accessed through the infamous Sci-hub site (often dubbed as 'Illegal'), Unpaywall boasts…