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How to Install Mendeley Desktop on Windows PC
Today I will be explaining how to install Mendeley Desktop on your windows PC and have it up and running. I guess we all know what Mendeley is, if you don't, then read this post to know what it is. Follow these steps below:Step 1: Download the Mendeley Desktop installation file for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux 32 bit OS.Step 2: After installing the Mendeley Desktop application downloaded from the above link, the next step is to download and install the Mendeley Web Importer for chrome browser, Moxilla Firefox browser depending on your browser choice.Step 3: The last step is to install the Microsoft Office or LibreOffice Mendeley Citation Plug-in. This can easily be done through the Mendeley Desktop application installed in step 1 above. Open the Desktop application, go to the tools tab on the application and click on "Install MS Word Plugin". Ensure your MS Word is closed before installing the Mendeley MS Word Citation plugin.That is all. Start enjoying the use of your Reference Manager Software- Mendeley